Wonders of the Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

Wonders of the Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

What is the Bypass Engagement Ring?

In the last decade, the bypass engagement ring has become iconic, to some extent because it symbolizes a merger of two souls. The classic bypass demonstrates the overlapping of two bands, which subsequently come back apart - hence the term, “bypass”. Historically the significance of this design was placed on what it symbolizes. More recently, however, the bypass has become a creative symbol of aesthetic excellence, in which designers leverage this elegant concept to create unique, modern diamond engagement rings, as well as antique and vintage engagement ring settings. This process has involved the use of milgrain and filigree, pave diamonds, various shapes of the halo and even three stone variations. Additionally, the bypass engagement ring design started seeing more side stones, set to accentuate the main stones within the design.

Bypass Engagement Rings Have a Creative Side

Because the creative possibilities are endless, engagement ring designers started experimenting further with bypass settings, especially in the last ten years. During this time we started seeing bezel halos, cathedral settings, accent diamonds in addition to side stones, two tone engagement rings and more. On the one hand, this movement contributed to the growing popularity of an already flourishing bypass design. On the other hand, this process enabled jewelers to add an element of surprise to an otherwise mainstream engagement ring. Today it is not uncommon to see double halo bypass engagement rings, or bypass designs with multiple rows of side stones. And not surprisingly, the bypass engagement ring is now set with all diamond shapes, as opposed to just the round cut diamond.

The Traditional Bypass Engagement Ring

Before adding foreign design elements to the shank or changing the diamond shapes, let’s review the classic, traditional bypass diamond engagement ring. This setting represents the simple bypass design well, as it offers a very classic shank it 14k white gold, with prong set round cut side stone diamonds along the shank. As the definition of the bypass suggests, the two bands of the shank overlap at the four-prong set, round cut center diamond, and come apart as you gravitate away from the center diamond. It is this traditional bypass engagement ring design that attracted additional creative elements, such as the vintage milgrain and filigree, the halo and various diamond shapes, some of which we will review next.

The Vintage Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

While some of us enjoy the elegance of the bypass diamond engagement ring design, others are keen on the antique and vintage elements of engagement ring settings, so why not combine and create the best of both worlds? This particular engagement ring is light on the vintage and heavy on the bypass. In fact, this setting technically features a split shank. So while the design does demonstrate the overlap in the two bands at the center diamond, the bands never actually connect at or around the center diamond, thereby rendering a split shank. The beautiful milgran along the entire shank adds a hint of vintage character, for those looking for a subtle touch of vintage.

The Elegant Bypass Engagement Ring

The elegance of this bypass cannot go unnoticed, but it is important to point out that this bypass has two additional curves that actually create an infinity. Only one band of the shank contains round cut center stones, on each side of the center stone. As with the previous two bypass engagement rings, the two bands of the shank overlap at the center stone, accentuating the beautiful, four-prong set, round cut center diamond.

Bypass Engagement Rings Are About Balance

Ultimately, bypass diamond engagement rings create the perfect balance of elegance, tradition, sparkle and all of the mainstream design elements that the buyer is looking for, or none at all. If you are looking for a classic halo, there is a bypass for that. Want a vintage solitaire side stone engagement ring? There is a bypass for that as well. How about a three stone diamond engagement ring? You guess it, there is a bypass for that as well. The perfect balance is created by incorporating the specific elements within the bypass that the buyer is looking for, so there is a bypass out there for each and every one of us!