What Constitutes a Luxury Diamond Engagement Ring

What Constitutes a Luxury Diamond Engagement Ring

How Does an Engagement Ring Become Luxury Anyway?

It seems as though almost every popular diamond engagement ring store in the world claims to sell luxury diamond engagement rings, but what does this mean? What separates a high end engagement ring from its “average” counterpart, and where do we draw the line between the luxurious and everything else? These are the questions that have puzzled buyers and sellers in all walks of life, and it is how we answer these questions that determines what sellers offer and what buyers ultimately look for. Many believe that a simple solitaire wedding ring set will remain simple, regardless of the factors. Others argue that if you set this “simple” solitaire diamond engagement ring with a high end two carat IF diamond, it suddenly transforms into a luxury engagement ring. The beauty is that there is no right answer, so it is up to each individual buyer to determine how they define “luxury”.

Encore DT's Own Perspective of Luxury Diamond Engagement Rings

Encore DT originally started out as one of the leading Italian jewelry online stores. The leading opinion was that our Italian engagement rings should be considered high end, but why? The basic premise was that these engagement rings demonstrated sophisticated designs, world class craftsmanship and were set with high end diamonds. More specifically, each engagement ring was set with diamonds graded F color and VS2 clarity or better. Additionally, our Italian diamond engagement rings were actually produced in Italy, by our Italian master jewelers, with unparalleled quality control and attention to detail. All of these factors collectively constituted a luxury jewelry product. However, what if we were to take Italy out of the equation, and produce the exact same engagement ring designs in the U.S.?

Can One Diamond Engagement Ring Be Considered Luxury by Everyone?

The fact is that the notion of luxury comes down to perception. Eliminate the perception and the notion disappears along with it. In our situation, by removing Italy from the equation we would be removing the perception of luxury. This means that a luxury diamond engagement ring is not necessarily one with a large center diamond or a large quantity of diamonds. For that matter, the notion of luxury is not even predicated on the base metal, as that same, simple solitaire engagement ring can be produced in platinum, which may or may not drastically change the way it looks. Collectively, all of these factors have the potential to create a sense of luxury. However, it is ultimately up to the buyer to determine whether they see a particular diamond engagement ring as luxury or not.

Creating the Luxury Experience

Outside of Italian diamond engagement rings, how, then, do we create the perception of luxury? The answer to this question lies in the totality of the characteristics of the engagement ring itself, combined with the particular prospective buyer who is making that call. Synonymous with luxury is the word extravagance, or lacking restraint. This means that to create the perception of luxurious side stone diamond engagement rings, one has to demonstrate a lack of restraint in a manner that coincides with a particular buyer’s taste. In other words, there is not a single factor that can easily create this perception. Luxury engagement rings will tend to have extraordinary designs, usually sophisticated and custom made. Luxury settings will demonstrate overwhelming attention to detail to the aesthetic presentation. A luxury diamond engagement ring will tend to be produced with incredible quality control. And as the final step, these luxury engagement rings will inevitably be set with high end diamonds, usually with GIA certificates.

Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Your Way

Hopefully our buyers will make their decisions as to what they consider luxury diamond engagement rings. Some people avoid the concept of luxury altogether, and others gravitate to it. Since you will see your engagement ring on a daily basis, it is vitally important to make these decisions in advance of your purchase. It is far less important to purchase the most luxury diamond engagement ring, than to ensure that you will enjoy the design you ultimately decide to go with. Here’s to exhausting research, gathering the facts, learning about your tastes and may the best diamond engagement ring win!