Vintage Engagement Rings - Like a Good Wine with a Diamond

Vintage Engagement Rings - Like a Good Wine with a Diamond

Defining a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings are possibly the most confusing category of diamond engagement rings in the industry. Those who search for vintage engagement rings do not always know what to expect, and those who sell vintage settings are not always sure what to offer. But what constitutes a vintage engagement ring? And, perhaps, even more importantly, in what ways do vintage engagement ring settings differ from non-vintage settings? To develop a thorough understanding of vintage engagement rings we must first establish the true meaning of the word “vintage”. Merriam-Webster defines vintage in the following manner: “of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality”. Vintage is commonly often used in the context of wine, grapes and artwork. Since diamond engagement rings are an inherent product of art, it is in the context of art that we can best portray the spectrum of vintage engagement rings.

If I Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring, Am I Buying an “Old” Engagement Ring?

Since the word vintage clearly pertains to age, it is reasonable to conclude that the DNA of a vintage engagement ring will reflect history to some extent. However, does purchasing a diamond engagement ring that respects history constitute purchasing an “old” engagement ring? While the answer to this question is subject to interpretation, the engagement ring industry offers a very wide spectrum of vintage engagement rings. One side contains engagement ring designs with old-fashioned elements such as artisanal shanks, hexagonal shapes from the Edwardian era and more. The opposite side features what we commonly refer to as modern vintage engagement rings. This side of the vintage engagement ring spectrum offers present-day diamond settings with a hint of vintage character, frequently represented by light milgrain, filigree, cathedral set diamonds and other, similar design elements.

How Vintage a Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Can Get

Representing the old-fashioned side of the vintage engagement ring spectrum, this diamond setting contains an Edwardian era theme, boasting figures, shapes and patterns prevalent in the early 1900s. The shank features heavy milgrain, elaborately pierced filigree, a hexagon bezel halo and a round cut center diamond. For those interested in reliving history, unique vintage engagement rings like this provide an incredible opportunity to take a lifelong trip down memory lane.

Modern Vintage Engagement Rings - A Minimally Vintage Phenomenon

For those of us interested in only a mild perspective of historic artistry, an Edwardian era diamond engagement ring with a heavy vintage influence may not be a first choice. This diamond engagement ring, however, boasting only one vintage design element, may be a more appropriate selection. This setting offers a bypass design, in which the shank is split and subsequently meets again, as it wraps around the prong-set, round brilliant center diamond. The only vintage characteristic of this engagement ring is the milgrain, embedded in a semi-eternity fashion, along the round cut side stone diamonds. This setting is certainly light on the vintage perspective and heavy on the compounding modern design elements, which is the very essence of a modern vintage engagement ring.

Balancing the Scales of Vintage Engagement Rings

As with any spectrum, the availability of vintage engagement ring designs enable us to land anywhere on the spectrum. For those not looking for either extreme, and are interested in a well-balanced vintage setting with enough modern and vintage character, the possibilities are overwhelming. Arguably positioned near the center of the vintage engagement ring spectrum is this round halo side stone diamond setting. With 14 round cut side stones, two accents and a 15 round brilliant diamond halo, this engagement ring aims to please. The shank features an elaborate filigree pattern, as well as milgrain accentuating the side and accent stones. For anyone looking to land in the middle of the vintage engagement ring spectrum, this design is worth a closer look.

The Big Picture

Vintage engagement rings are as fluid as art in general. The two opposite sides of the spectrum enable all interested buyers to find the right balance of modern aesthetic characteristics blended with historic design elements. Wherever your heart lies, there is a vintage setting out there that will satisfy your aesthetic cravings. The biggest challenge in finding the right balance is identifying what that is for each individual buyer. And doing so requires eliminating as many designs as it takes, in order to isolate the one vintage engagement ring that you can call yours.