Two Stone & Three Stone Engagement Rings - The Untold Story

Two Stone & Three Stone Engagement Rings - The Untold Story

The Three Stone Engagement Ring Extraordinaire

Three stone engagement rings have conquered the hearts and minds of buyers and jewelers alike. The history of three stone engagement rings spans decades of change and evolution. Some sources claim that the three stones represent friendship, love and fidelity. Others claim that the three stone diamond engagement ring stands for the past, present and future. But most agree that the three stone diamond setting is deeply engraved in multiple generations of engagement proposals and romantic stories that will outlive us all. While the history of three stone engagement rings continues to drive demand for this design, one of the dominating questions from the younger generations is how much of a design does this setting offer, really? Some believe that the three stone engagement ring is inherently limited in creative progression, just by the virtue of its design. The team at Encore DT, however, has put this theory to rest, so read on.

Two Stone Engagement Rings - A Modern Revelation

Two stone engagement rings were unheard of in the 20th century. And even though the design was readily available at the turn of the 21st century, the two stone diamond setting did not gain much popularity until the last decade. Representing the merging of two souls, two stone engagement rings slowly gained traction as buyers seeked creative alternatives to the mainstream solitaire and three stone designs. Two stone engagement rings are truly a fresh concept. They do not readily conform to the classic, symmetrical design characteristics, and offer a higher degree of aesthetic flexibility, enabling engagement ring designers to experiment and invent the next best thing. Because the two stone engagement ring is still a relatively young subcategory of engagement ring settings, not every store offers this design. And many stores that do sell two stone engagement rings, do so in a limited capacity, which means fewer base metal options, few design variations, etc…

Two Stone and Three Stone Engagement Rings - Let’s Dive In

Those who claim that three stone diamond engagement rings are limited by the virtue of their design may want to reconsider. Much like halo engagement rings are creatively manipulated to render split shanks, infinity shanks, pave diamonds, prong and bezel settings, side stones and other aesthetic masterpieces, three stone engagement rings are subject to the same possibilities for the creative mind. The three stone engagement ring shown above features a gorgeous vintage shank with pierced filigree, along with three prong set round brilliant diamonds. This three stone diamond setting is anything but ordinary.

We Are Not Done Yet

Not only can a three stone engagement ring shank be styled with vintage milgrain, filigree and other characteristics, but the genius creative mind may need even less than that. This three stone engagement ring, designed in Italy, offers a very peculiar design characteristic - partial symmetry around only one of the two axes. The shank is split three-ways, creating three thin bands. When worn, the three diamonds, set in three prong settings, are meant to face forward, or away from the person wearing the ring.

In doing so, this three stone engagement ring becomes the center of attention. When the recipient of this engagement ring extends their hand forward, the diamonds face the people the ring is being shown to, thereby captivating their attention. The end result is that by simply splitting the shank and adding the proper curves, this becomes a truly contemporary three stone engagement ring.

Two Stone Engagement Rings - A Creative Safe Haven

Two stone engagement rings offer similar design possibilities, including split shank, curved shank, pave, side stone, vintage characteristics and more. Due to the relative novelty of the two stone setting, the design variations available in the industry are still limited, which is all the more reason to be excited - more is coming. Future generations will likely enjoy substantial creative contributions to the two stone engagement rings, but for now we proudly display the variations currently available. This particular two stone engagement ring offers a beautiful split shank, round cut side stones and two six-prong set round cut center diamonds. Picture-perfect and truly elegant, we believe that this design is here to stay.

The creative possibilities are endless, and this two stone engagement ring also boasts a curved, split shank, round cut side stones and two bezel-set round brilliant diamonds. Rendering perfect symmetry and the added diamond protection of the bezels, this beautiful two stone engagement ring is sure to impress.

We Have Barely Scratched the Tip of the Iceberg

From a creative perspective, three stone engagement rings exemplify the past, present and future. Two stone engagement rings exemplify the present and future. While the exact state of the future is uncertain, both of these diamond engagement ring designs have earned their rightful place as dominant drivers of demand in the industry. As with all diamond jewelry, no design is a perfect fit for everyone, but we do suggest considering both of these designs before making your final decision. After all, isn’t it just as important to confidently eliminate what you don’t want, as it is to ultimately find the perfect fit for you?