Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings - 100 Years of Culture

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings - 100 Years of Culture

Three Stone Engagement Rings - A Symbolic Modern Proposal

Three stone engagement rings are considered among the most romantic and culturally rich designs in the modern world. Also referred to as trilogy engagement rings, three stone settings originated in the 20th century, and created a new line of engagement ring designs entrenched in the symbolic significance of each of the three stones. Similar to many other forms of art, the symbolic significance of the three stone engagement ring has two popular schools of thought. The first defines the three stones as representing friendship, love and fidelity. The second argues that the three stones stand for the past, present and future. In truth, however, neither of these schools of thought have been formally confirmed by the founding fathers of the three stone diamond setting. In addition, since three stone engagement rings were created in the last century, the design has undergone a few transformations that made it more modern, fashionable and appealing to the younger generations.

The Modern Approach to Three Stone Diamond Settings

By itself, the three stone diamond engagement ring is a relatively basic design concept. On the surface, it may seem as though three stone engagement rings have less room for aesthetic evolution. Unlike its halo and split shank engagement rings, three stone settings are bound by three round cut diamonds that must appear in succession, with no room for deviation. But is that so? Can it really be that modern jewelry and engagement ring designers have not found creative solutions to adding a unique edge to this otherwise mainstream design? Round halo engagement rings, for example, were glamorized with side stone, split shank and vintage design elements, among others. Could we create three stone engagement rings with side stones by using a similar creative trajectory? The answer is yes, and that is exactly what we did. Today’s three stone settings offer a diverse range of design characteristics, including various diamond cuts, side stones, different variations of the split and curved shank, and so much more.

A Classic Three Stone Diamond Setting - The Foundation of Modern Three Stone Engagement Rings

The traditional three stone diamond engagement ring paved the way for the aesthetic evolution which gave rise to modern three stone settings, as we know them today. This seemingly unsophisticated three stone design features three round brilliant diamonds in prong settings. However, this classic engagement ring design created the foundation for the more sophisticated, fashionable and even contemporary three stone diamond engagement rings that continue to conquer the center stage of the modern engagement proposal. One of the fascinating aspects of modern three stone engagement rings is the subtlety of the design. To elaborate, when looking at the modern version of this setting, it does not always become immediately clear that you are in fact seeing a three stone engagement ring. This phenomenon is made possible by the presence of additional design elements, which synergistically combine to create a beautiful diamond engagement ring, in which the three stones are merely one aspect of the foundation, as opposed to comprising the entire diamond setting.

Princess Cut Three Stone Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamonds rank second in popularity in the United States. As such, buyers and sellers are eager to incorporate them into many diamond engagement ring designs, especially designs as popular and universal as the three stone. Additionally, introducing another diamond shape into this equation renders more options. The princess cut diamond can be incorporated as the main, center stone, or all three stones featured in the design can be princess cut diamonds. In this particular three stone setting, the princess cut center diamond is highlighted by the two adjacent round cut diamonds, which are further accentuated by three round cut side stones. Believe it or not, this three stone diamond engagement ring masterpiece hardly scratches the tip of the iceberg, as it relates to the design possibilities of three stone settings.

Modern Vintage Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Combining the words modern and vintage may sound like an oxymoron. And indeed, how could a diamond engagement ring be both modern and vintage? The reality is that modern vintage engagement rings are one of the most popular categories of diamond settings today. One way to define this category is a synergistic merger of both vintage and modern design characteristics in one diamond engagement ring setting, which combine to create a modern design that successfully preserves a unique appreciation of the history of the engagement ring. With this definition in mind, the three stone engagement ring shown above represents exactly this concept - the merging of the past and the present in the context of engagement ring designs. More specifically, the shank features a unique filigree pattern. On the one hand, filigree is a vintage characteristic. On the other hand, this specific vintage pattern boasts contemporary curves along almost the entire circumference of the shank, thereby combining historic design elements with the modern aesthetic preferences in present day diamond engagement rings. As we alluded to earlier, the gorgeous filigree in this diamond setting renders a design in which the three stones become only a part of its foundation, rather than its only design element.

But Wait, There’s More!

With every creative touch, the three stone diamond setting transforms into a more unique, glamorous and sophisticated design. Three stone engagement rings are not limited to round cut diamonds, classic shanks or prong settings. In this case, the round brilliant diamonds were simply replaced with princess cut diamonds, making the elegance and brilliance of the design unmistakable. The design evolution of three stone diamond engagement rings closely resembles that of the solitaire engagement ring concept. Just like modern solitaire diamond settings, which now feature milgrain, filigree, curved and split shanks, side stones and even bypass design variations, three stone engagement rings have followed suit. Some argue that modern three stone settings are almost unrecognizable, and render little to no resemblance of their predecessors. However, if you break down the design into its molecular design components, it becomes clear that these are the same classic, traditional, symbolic and heartfelt three stone engagement rings, with a modern touch that renders them relevant today.