The Illustrious Side Stone Touch in Diamond Engagement Rings

The Illustrious Side Stone Touch in Diamond Engagement Rings

Side Stones or No Side Stones - We Are Taking Votes

The overwhelmingly complex world of diamond engagement rings offers us countless options, some minor and some pivotal. These variations give us the opportunity to create an engagement ring setting we can call our own. Base metals, diamond shapes, diamond settings and shank designs are among the key, pivotal components of the finished engagement ring. Also among the key design characteristics is the presence or absence of side stones. In a recent issue titled, Engagement Rings with Side Stone Settings & Beyond, we addressed the basic transformation of a diamond engagement ring, bringing side stones into the equation. However, what does it take to ultimately determine whether to pursue a specific engagement ring setting with or without side stones?

The Key to Making an Informed Decision is Information

It seems reasonable to state that in order to decide whether to purchase an engagement ring with or without side stones, it is necessary for us to see both options. But is this possible in all or even a majority of situations? Unless you create your own engagement ring, your decision making process is at the mercy of the store and their available options or variations. Simply stated, if the diamond engagement ring store, where you are making your selection, has the ability to demonstrate a particular diamond setting with and without side stones, you are in control. If, however, the engagement ring store of your choice can only offer one variation, with or without side stones, then it will be up to your discretion and imagination to envision the alternative and make your decision. Therefore, it is without much hesitation that most buyers select engagement ring stores that offer a high degree of flexibility, transparency and information, so as to make the shopping experience as smooth and fluid as possible for the buyer.

The Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring - With and Without Side Stones

In many ways, shopping for diamond engagement rings is similar to the shopping experience of other products. Once you have found the perfect setting, you may wonder how this setting would look in a different gold color, with added vintage milgrain or filigree, with or without side stones, a bezel diamond setting in lieu of prongs, or any other creative element within the chemical makeup of your buying decision. And presenting the appropriate options to you is what arms you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. This double halo engagement ring features a round brilliant, prong set center diamond, a 39 round cut diamond halo, and an additional 14 round cut side stones. The overall design is unquestionably stunning, but do you wonder what it would look like without the side stones? Would it look incomplete? Would it lack fire? Or would this engagement ring without side stones have a more balanced look, with fewer distractions?

So Many Questions, and Only You Have the Answer

While you could certainly speculate as to your opinion of this engagement without side stones, there is only one way to make a definitive selection - to see it with your own eyes. It is often surprising how frequently buyers change their minds when presented with the information they are seeking. Stated differently, many would be surprised as to how many buyers ultimately decide to purchase the diamond engagement ring version without the side stones. In this particular case, the round halo setting shown above features the same 39 round cut diamond halo, without the 14 round cut side stones demonstrated in the previous version of this design. Even if you firmly believe that a side stone engagement ring is right for you, it sure helps to eliminate the version without side stones, just to be sure.

Three Stone Engagement Rings with and without Side Stones

The designs and settings change, but the premise remains the same. This three stone engagement ring setting features elegant, trellis set diamonds. In the absence of side stones, the focus of the design targets the three round cut diamonds. Some may find this design lacking luster, but others may appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the relaxed look and feel of this engagement ring. Ultimately, however, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see both and decide for yourself?

Add just three round cut diamonds on each side of the shank, and the look of this engagement ring setting drastically changes its course. To some, the difference between the two versions may seem minimal, but if you look closely, the overall difference in the character of these diamond engagement rings is immense.

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Rings - The Elegance From Within

The undeniable voguish character of this emerald cut halo engagement ring serves to remind us that it can only get better from here. The jaw dropping one carat emerald cut center diamond is encompassed by 20 gorgeous round brilliant diamonds, resulting in a 21 diamond halo. The shank is produced in 14k white gold, and this version shows no side stones. But again, it only gets better from here.

Add six round cut diamond side stones, on each side of the halo, and many would honor this emerald cut halo engagement ring with a standing ovation. Similar to other side stone engagement rings, the side stones in this setting accomplish the tremendous task of bringing out the emerald cut center diamond, by converging at the halo.

Engagement Rings with or without Side Stones are Not a Given - They’re a Decision

When starting our search for a diamond engagement ring, we may have some ideas as to the specific design we are looking for. During the course of our shopping experience, however, these ideas may prevail, or in some cases they may change entirely. Regardless of which engagement ring we ultimately buy, making informed decisions is the name of the game. In many cases, we may need to see an alternative version of an engagement ring, just to eliminate it as an option. Much like in any other context, eliminating an engagement ring without side stones is just as important as selecting the version with side stones, or vice versa. To informed decisions, and may the best fit win!