The Cushion Cut Diamond - An Oldie But Goodie

The Cushion Cut Diamond - An Oldie But Goodie

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, Necklaces & Earrings

Cushion cut diamonds have been around since the 18th century, before the diamond industry had the technology to even conceive the possibility of the modern round brilliant diamond. Fascinating and inspiring, the cushion cut diamond is not quite a square and not quite a circle either - it is somewhere in between. Its characteristically high crown and deep pavilion create the optical illusion that it is slightly bigger and deeper than it actually is. Many people perceive the cushion cut diamond as being a balance between the round brilliant and the princess cut. For those who are not fans of the sharp angles of princess cut diamonds, but yet wish to indulge in a shape that does not resemble a perfect circle, the cushion cut offers the best of both worlds.

Cushion cut diamonds are ubiquitous in the industry, and are now widely set in all fine jewelry, including in engagement rings, fashionable diamond necklaces and even earrings. The highly visible nature of cushion cut diamonds stands out. This means that when you compare, for instance, the same diamond necklace design with a round cut, princess cut and cushion cut diamond, the necklace with the cushion cut diamond will tend to stand out. The inherent high crown and larger facets of the cushion cut stone are the two major factors that make them stand out. Another fascinating aspect of the cushion cut diamond is that even though it passes less light than the round cut, it still offers a greater fire due to its larger facets. Thus, as defined by the GIA, round brilliant diamonds render a greater degree of scintillation, while cushion cut diamonds take the lead in the amount of fire rendered the diamond. With these factors in mind, it certainly worth considering the various options available with cushion cut diamonds, in the context of fine jewelry.

Comparing a Round Cut and Cushion Cut Diamond Necklace

The classic round cut diamond halo necklace is a historic work of elegance. As the halo gained popularity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the demand for round halo jewelry skyrocketed, and ultimately gave birth to a variety of halo shapes. This round halo necklace features a v-shaped drop, with a total of 26 round cut diamonds. With a choice of a 16 inch or 18 inch chain, this necklace is a valuable addition to a wide variety of diamond jewelry sets.

Change the diamond shape, and the personality of the resulting diamond necklace changes with it. As we alluded to earlier, the high crown and deep pavilion of the cushion cut diamond makes it appear larger than the round cut. Additionally, the very nature of its square-like shape renders a vastly different design from the round cut halo necklace. As you can imagine, while this necklace would also be a valuable asset to a great many jewelry sets, the matching ring and pair of earrings would likely also contain cushion cut diamonds.

Add Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings, and Your World is Complete

Much like the diamond necklace, where the cushion cut diamond really stands out, cushion cut diamond earrings render a desirably noticeable look. These particular earrings boast two cushion cut diamonds for a total diamond weight of 1.5 carats, as well as 54 round cut diamonds, which create the halos. Most would agree that the fine jewelry set created by these earrings with the previously shown cushion cut diamond necklace, is an immensely elegant look.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - A Divine Sophistication

You may remember our fashionable split shank engagement rings from a previous issue. This particular diamond setting features a unique cross band that renders an asymmetrical final look. This setting presents a total of 57 round cut diamonds, including the round brilliant main center stone. Designed in a semi-eternity fashion, this diamond engagement ring a modern and contemporary look for the ages.

Replace the round brilliant center diamond with a cushion cut diamond, and the personality change becomes evident. Note that the center diamond in both of these diamond settings is a one carat VS2, and yet the setting with the cushion cut diamond looks as though the center stone is slightly larger. While most people have a well defined preference of a round cut or cushion cut diamond, it is always worth considering both, even if it is just to eliminate one of them as an option.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Are Consistently Popular, But They Are Not Always a Good Fit

Perhaps this concept is no different than any other characteristic in fashion. Even though cushion cut diamonds are indeed beautiful, elegant and render a vast and sophisticated persona, they are not always the right fit for everyone. For that matter, cushion cut diamonds are not always a great fit for all diamond jewelry. The most universal diamond cut remains the round brilliant. However, for those interested in balancing the circle and square shapes, cushion cut may be a viable option. Look around, see what fits you best and here’s to making yet another informed decision!