The Creative Side of Unique Halo Engagement Rings

The Creative Side of Unique Halo Engagement Rings

A Halo Engagement Ring is a Halo Engagement Ring - What’s the Big Deal?

With an all time record in popularity of the halo engagement ring design, one may wonder whether it is actually possible to differentiate one halo setting from another. After all, doesn’t every variation simply entail a large center diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds in a square or circle shape, or some version thereof? While this is accurate for the most part, the “version thereof” is in fact what creates unique halo engagement rings to begin with. We have all seen countless round cut halo engagement rings, and most of us are also aware of halo settings containing princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, pear cut, oval cut and other diamond halo shapes. So is there more to this design, or have we seen all there is to see?

Rediscovering Unique Halo Engagement Rings and What They’re Made of

The floral halo setting above illustrates one example of what we can accomplish with the design. In theory, one can argue that this is simply a round halo with side stones, and they would not be incorrect. However, the diamond arrangement that creates the flower is creative, and most definitely stands out from your mainstream, traditional round halo engagement ring. Whether one may consider this floral diamond engagement ring unique, simple, beautiful or otherwise is up to each of us to decide. Nonetheless, one would not place it in the same category of simple halo designs that dominate the inventories of online diamond engagement ring stores today.

But Wait, There’s More!

In case the floral setting did not adequately differentiate the halo design, this luxurious vintage engagement ring is likely to do just that. While this diamond setting does feature a round cut halo, you will notice that the intentional variation of the diamond size within the halo creates a unique halo engagement ring that stands out and earns a special designation outside the mainstream. Additionally, the split shank is garnished by milgrain, featuring prong set round cut side stone diamonds, with one side stone especially accentuated by milgrain along the entire circumference, on each side of the center diamond.

Haven’t We Covered It All?

You guessed it, the unique halo engagement ring is relentless, and so are the aesthetic possibilities. As a starting point, this particular design clearly shows a soft square halo. And yet, you have probably noticed that the center stone is a round cut diamond. How, then, have we created a square halo using round cut diamonds? Albert Einstein was quoted saying, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” This unique diamond halo setting simply varies the diamond sizes in order to fill the soft square perimeter of the halo. Also noteworthy is the side stone arrangement, demonstrating an extraordinary two rows of side stone diamonds on the outer portion of both sides of the shank.

Unique Halo Engagement Rings Span Generations

While the popularity of the mainstream halo design fluctuates with time, the unique halo setting is here to stay. The popularity of the halo saw a significant spike in the 20th century, and the 21st century has seen drastic creative additions, modifications and outright revisions of the halo engagement ring. While we do not know exactly what the future holds, we can safely say that subsequent generations will continue to appreciate unique halo diamond engagement rings, as creativity continues to fuel our aesthetic satisfaction.