Square Halo Engagement Rings - Round, Princess & Cushion Cut

Square Halo Engagement Rings - Round, Princess & Cushion Cut

Square Halo Settings - Round, Princess, Cushion Cut Diamonds

It is difficult to overstate the exclusive nature of square halo engagement rings. Enjoying a consistent popularity, square halo diamond settings exemplify class, sophistication and elegance that few other designs can compete with. When most of us hear the words, square halo engagement rings, we likely envision the likes of a perfect square. In the context of diamond engagement rings, the perfect square is a princess cut diamond. Contrary to this notion, however, the vast majority of square halo engagement ring settings are in fact accomplished with the most popular and universal diamond cut in the world - the round brilliant. While princess cut halo engagement rings are almost exclusively square shaped, diamond settings with round cut stones can be designed to reflect a variety of different shapes, including that of a square halo.

The Design Elements of Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

By varying the sizes and positioning of the round cut diamonds within the halo, we can create a variety of square halo engagement rings. These square halo settings can become double halos, with and without side stones, produced in gold or platinum, containing prong, bezel or cathedral settings, and the list only gets bigger. The square halo setting can also be adorned with hearts, vintage milgrain and pierced filigree, artisan wire work and other design elements. The shank can also be produced with different variations, including a thin comfort fit shank, as well as a thick, massive shank with numerous rose of side stone diamonds. In this issue we review vastly different square halo engagement ring designs with round cut, cushion cut and princess cut diamonds, containing a variety of aesthetic characteristics that are catered to each specific design.

Princess Cut Halo - The Most Traditional Square Halo Engagement Ring

The classic square halo diamond setting inevitably contains the perfect square - a princess cut diamond. While princess cut halo engagement rings demonstrate a unique sense of elegance, they are often used to create a sharp square with 90 degree right angles. While many of us enjoy the bold and modern nature of sharp corners in diamond engagement rings, they are not for everyone. This particular princess cut halo diamond engagement ring boasts a one carat princess cut center diamond in a four prong setting. The halo is accomplished with a square bezel, lined with vintage milgrain and produced in 14k white gold. The shank, also produced in white gold, demonstrates the use of modern filigree and is also lined with vintage milgrain. This square halo setting exemplifies a unique balance between the modern and contemporary, as well as the vintage and the antique.

The Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring - A Soft Square Halo

The cushion cut diamond is the closest relative of the modern round brilliant. The rounded corners render the perfect opportunity to encompass the diamond with smaller, round cut diamonds, and thereby create a soft square halo engagement ring setting. The design shown above demonstrates exactly that - a one carat cushion cut, prong set center diamond, enclosed by 18 round cut diamonds which create the halo, further accented by 10 round cut diamond side stones. Both classic and classy, this soft square halo engagement ring is a testament to the modern halo concept.

The Square Halo Engagement Ring with Exclusively Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut diamond is the most popular, versatile and universal diamond cut in the world, and for a good reason. This square halo side stone diamond engagement ring contains a total of 105 round cut diamonds. The prong set round brilliant center diamond is enclosed twice, thereby creating a double halo. The larger side stones help bring out the massive halo. This modern halo diamond setting stands for perfection.

Square Halo Does Not Mean Square Diamonds

Thanks to modern technological advances, techniques and centuries of experience, today’s engagement ring designers are able to create varying shapes with a variety of different diamonds. In other words, a square halo engagement ring design can be created with round cut and cushion cut diamonds just as readily as it can be produced with a princess cut diamond. And with so many variations of the double halo, vintage characteristics as well as curved and split shanks, there is a square halo engagement ring out there for us all. Find one with a prong, bezel or cathedral setting. Find a square halo setting in 10k, 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, platinum or even sterling silver. Get your square halo engagement ring, your way!