Round Halo Side Stone Engagement Rings - A Global Leader

Round Halo Side Stone Engagement Rings - A Global Leader

Round Halo Side Stone Diamond Settings - The Mother of All

The profound impact of side stones on diamond engagement rings cannot be overstated. Round halo diamond settings are unquestionably one of the top 10 most popular engagement ring designs in the world. Merge the overwhelmingly popular side stone diamond setting with the iconic round halo engagement ring design, and the combined effect creates what is currently a global leader in the diamond industry. It is not by accident that buyers have gravitated toward the side stone engagement rings with round halos. The social media craze of the modern era has created a virtual stage for every diamond engagement ring recipient, and when it’s time to go on stage, we all want to put our best foot forward. In the context of engagement rings, maximizing the fire and scintillation, also often referred to as “sparkle”, is almost always the desired endgame. But what makes the round halo the most popular diamond engagement ring design? And even more importantly, what makes it more popular than the square halo, oval halo or any of the other halo shapes?

Increase the Quantity of High Quality Diamonds, Create More Fire

Take a classic solitaire engagement ring, add side stones and a halo around the main, center diamond, and the completed diamond engagement ring should render an exponentially higher level of fire. This concept is inevitably accurate in the presence of high quality diamonds, the right engagement ring design and an expert master jeweler who can combine the ingredients to create the magic. Even more so, accomplish this transformation with round brilliant diamonds of high quality, and this will maximize the fire and scintillation. This is because the round brilliant returns the most light, due to its universal round shape and number of facets. For our in-depth discussion on the round cut diamond, please visit one of our previous issues titled, Round Cut Engagement Rings - The King of Diamond Settings. The princess cut diamond ranks second in popularity, in the United States, and all of the other diamond shapes trail the round and princess cut substantially. This also explains why the vast majority of side stones consists of round cut diamonds. Essentially, one of the ten most popular diamond engagement ring designs is created by maximizing the quantity of diamonds that render the greatest fire.

Simple Round Halo Engagement Rings Creating Extraordinary Memories

Arguably the simplest way to create extraordinary diamond engagement rings is with a round halo and round cut side stones. Given high quality diamonds, this method renders an impactful aesthetic presence and often eliminates the need for any complex modifications of the shank, diamond setting and so forth. When you look at this halo engagement ring with side stones, it features a total of only 27 diamonds. This includes five round cut side stones on each side of the shank and a 17-diamond halo, including the round brilliant center diamond. Boasting all prong diamond settings, this design is a great demonstration of how a few simple modifications can create a masterful diamond engagement ring worthy of a global social media stage presence. Can you think of a way to increase the sparkle in a design like this even further?

Split the Shank in the Engagement Ring, Double the Fire

Since adding more high quality diamonds adds fire to the engagement ring design, why not double the fun? In recent years, modern split shank engagement rings have gone mainstream, in part due to their unique ability to effectively increase the diamond fire in a given design. In fact, modern split shank engagement rings can be broken down into two basic, high level categories - those in which the split shank increases the fire and those in which the split shank contributes to the creative aspect of the design. Split shanks that contribute to the creativity of the design often feature side stones on only one of the strands. On the other hand, when the shank is split in an effort to maximize the fire, we invariably witness side stones along both strands of the shank. This split shank engagement ring features a similar 17-diamond round halo as the previous illustration. However, it also presents 24 round cut diamond side stones, with 12 on each side. Compare this design with the five side stones on each side of the shank in the previous engagement ring, and the difference in the fire is undisputed. But not all of us are fans of split shank engagement rings. Can you think of a way to increase the fire without splitting the shank?

Double Halo Engagement Rings - Why Split the Shank When You Can Add to the Halo?

Indeed, while split shank engagement rings are certainly a viable option for enhancing the fire in a diamond setting, the alternative is to double the halo. Unlike the previous setting, which maximized the fire by increasing the number of side stones, this engagement ring features only four larger side stone diamonds on each side of the shank, but also adds an additional halo. More specifically, this design repeats the 17-diamond inner halo of the previously shown designs, and boasts a second 25-diamond outer halo. In total, the double halo alone consists of 43 round cut diamonds, including the main round brilliant. Can you think of any way to add even more fire to this engagement ring?

Split the Shank, Double the Halo - Can You Do Both?

The beauty about art is that there are no limits, and this diamond engagement ring design demonstrates exactly that. For the ultimate fire and scintillation, split the shank, double the halo and this 66 round cut diamond masterpiece will not be shy on stage. You will notice that this particular double halo almost resembles a scarf, which is accomplished by the peculiar shape of the halo. The sheer size, quantity of diamonds and massive personality of this diamond engagement ring synergistically come together to create the ultimate fire, and will unquestionably render an unforgettable proposal.

Round Halo Engagement Rings with Diamond Side Stones - The Pinnacle of Diamond Settings

Make no mistake about it, round halo engagement rings with side stones were created to exceed aesthetic expectations. As more people witness the engagement rings we buy, by virtue of social media and other channels, we will only find more creative ways to enhance the sparkle and differentiate our engagement rings of choice. Split shank engagement rings can consist of more than two strands, and double halos are sometimes further accentuated with accent diamonds, a third halo and by other creative means. We all live once, so let’s make it count and let the brightest diamond fire show us the way.