Pear Cut Diamonds in Fine Jewelry - Elegant & Extraordinary

Pear Cut Diamonds in Fine Jewelry - Elegant & Extraordinary

The Role Pear Cut Diamonds Play in Fine Jewelry

Pear cut diamonds have earned a reputation for their unique and sophisticated shape, as well as the effect they create when set in diamond engagement rings, necklaces earrings and fine jewelry as a whole. The elegance and sophistication of pear shaped diamonds is undeniable, yet pear cut diamonds do not even make it in the top 5 list of the most popular diamond shapes. In fact, for the past 3-5 years the pear cut diamond has fluctuated from the 7th to the 8th most popular diamond cut in the U.S., based on annual jewelry sales data. How does a diamond so stylish and sophisticated not make it to the top five? Answering this question requires a review of the diamond shapes ranked higher in popularity than the pear shape.

Is Jewelry with Pear Shaped Diamonds Widely Available?

Our recent publication titled, Which Diamond Cut Are You Made For? discusses two of the most popular diamond cuts in the US, the round brilliant and the princess cut. The popularity of diamond shapes is highly correlated to how universal they are in their ability to accommodate various fine jewelry designs. While the pear shaped diamond is overwhelmingly lavish in its presentation, it will not readily fit into arguably more than 50% of the mainstream jewelry sold in the U.S., without some form of modification. Additionally, the peculiar shape of the par cut diamond eliminates a significant portion of jewelry buyers, leaving only those who specifically like the pear cut. This means that for those looking for a pear cut engagement ring, necklace or a pair of earrings, the available jewelry options and variations are not as elaborate as what we see with the round and princess cut diamond shapes.

How Much Does a Pear Cut Diamond Cost?

The good news is that the cost of the pear cut diamond is less than that of the round brilliant, and relatively similar to the cost of the princess cut diamond. On average, you can expect to pay 15-20% less for the pear shaped diamond than the round brilliant, given similar characteristics. The biggest factor driving this price variation boils down to supply and demand. At the retail level, the demand for round brilliant diamonds is substantially higher than that of the pear cut. As a result, jewelry designers offer a substantially larger selection of diamond engagement rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings with round cut diamonds, and fewer with pear shaped diamonds. For those seeking the extraordinary glamour of jewelry with pear cut diamonds, the lower cost will likely work in your favor, but the smaller selection may work against you.

The Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear cut diamond engagement rings scream luxury at every angle. In many cases, regardless of what other design elements are present within the engagement ring, the pear cut diamond is in full focus. This diamond engagement ring setting boasts a split shank with three bands total, where one serves as the cross band, overlapping the other two. The round cut side stones, arranged in a semi-eternity, lead right to the pear shaped halo, but especially to the 1.0 carat pear cut center diamond.

How Does This Engagement Ring Look with a Round Brilliant Diamond?

You may recall a previous issue, where we featured this exact engagement ring setting with a round cut center, shown above. While the design characteristics of the round cut version of this engagement ring setting are almost exactly the same, the main difference is that this design features a different head that fits a round brilliant as opposed to the more elongated pear shaped diamond.

The Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant and Necklace

The elegance of the pear cut diamond travels far beyond pear cut engagement rings. Pear cut necklaces and pendants have enjoyed consistent popularity in the past ten years. Because the pear cut diamond is larger in the top surface than its round brilliant counterpart, it will inevitably take one’s breath away, when worn around the neck. This pear cut halo diamond necklace boasts a 1.0 carat main center diamond, surrounded by 25 round cut diamonds to help emphasize the pear shaped diamond. You will likely notice how the eye immediately falls on the main, pear cut diamond, despite the fact that it is only one out of a total of 26 diamonds in this design.

In comparing the round cut halo version of this necklace with the pear shape, it becomes clear how much of a difference the elongated shape of the pear cut creates. On the one hand, the round cut is certainly more universal. On the other hand, the pear-shaped diamond is often seen as more exotic, making it attractive to buyers seeking unique, contemporary and lavish diamond jewelry.

Pear Cut Diamond Jewelry Has Conquered Our Hearts

The fine jewelry industry continues to embrace the glamour of the pear shaped diamond. While the selection of pear cut diamond jewelry is significantly smaller than round cut and princess cut jewelry, more and more jewelry stores are recognizing the demand for pear cut diamonds, and making the pear cut available in more designs. We do anticipate more progress ahead, as buyers continue to learn about the pear cut and seek options to satisfy luxurious aesthetic cravings. For now, however, keep the pear cut diamond on your radar, and see if it may be a perfect fit for the next piece of diamond jewelry you buy.