Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are The New Round Cut


Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are The New Round Cut

Oval Cut Diamond Settings - Comparing to Round Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamond engagement rings have never led the industry in popularity, which explains why oval cut engagement rings substantially trail their round cut and princess cut diamond counterparts. However, for those who gravitate away from the mainstream, less popular diamond engagement rings can be appealing. Oval cut diamonds can render a sophisticated look, in part due to their elongated shape, and also due to the optical illusion, which often makes oval cut diamonds appear larger than their round brilliant equivalents. Additionally, our buyers are often surprised to learn that most of the popular designs they have come to enjoy can be set with an oval cut center diamond. And when presented with an option that will make the center diamond appear larger than an equivalent round or princess cut, the oval cut diamond can become an attractive option.

The Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Options

What options are available for oval cut diamond settings? Perhaps the most common engagement ring design, offered with an oval cut center diamond, is the beautiful halo. When you combine the previously mentioned optical illusion of the oval cut diamond, with additional round cut diamonds, the final result is magical. For this and other creative reasons, the most popular and highly demanded oval cut diamond engagement rings feature an oval shaped halo. The combination of the elongated center diamond with the added brilliance of the surrounding round cut diamonds create a synergistic brilliance that is difficult to compete with. Thus, for those looking to deviate from the norms, the insatiable fire created by combining oval cut and round cut diamonds may just be the perfect ingredients for the ultimate diamond engagement ring.

Are Oval Cut Diamonds More Expensive Than Round Cut?

Given how rare oval cut diamonds are, in comparison with the round brilliant, one might expect for oval shaped diamonds to be more expensive. However, when you consider how much less popular oval cut diamonds are, the lower demand takes over, as a result of which oval shaped diamonds can cost up to 15-20% lower than their round brilliant equivalents. People’s reactions to these facts vary substantially. Some gravitate to the more popular round and princess cut diamonds. Others, however, consider the larger appearance and cheaper price, and decide that the oval shaped diamond is the right fit for them. As a result, our collection consistently features a variety of oval shaped diamond engagement rings, always prepared to please and impress.

Popular Oval Cut Diamond Settings

oval cut side stone halo engagement ring

What are the popular oval cut engagement rings? The side stone halo is perhaps the most commonly purchased diamond setting, regardless of the center stone shape. As such, oval shaped halo side stone engagement rings enjoy a consistent demand. When put in perspective, this engagement ring design consists of three major design elements. First, the added appearance of the bigger size center diamond. Next, we combine the round cut diamonds, which create the halo, with the round cut side stones. Together, these three elements merge to render the tremendous brilliance of the final diamond engagement ring.

More Side Stones - More Brilliance

oval cut side stone engagement ring

Add two more rows of side stones, and the diamond fire increases exponentially. This oval shaped halo engagement ring combines the fire of three rows of round cut side stones with the 19-diamond halo, for a completed diamond engagement ring that can literally light up a small room. When observing an engagement ring like this, it is a great opportunity to consider just how much brilliance is right for you. For some, no brilliance is too much. For others, the 59 total diamonds in this particular engagement ring may prove too much, and one row of side stones is more appropriate.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings with a Split Shank, Side Stones and a Cross Band

split shank oval cut side stone engagement ring

As you can probably imagine, almost everything that can be accomplished with a round brilliant center stone, can also be accomplished with an oval cut center diamond. In this case, the split shank is lined with round cut side stone diamonds, and an additional cross band creates instant asymmetry, also lined with round cut diamonds. The design is completed with an oval shaped diamond halo in an all prong setting.

Think Big and Go Even Bigger!

Oval cut diamond settings may be more rare than round cut and princess cut engagement rings, but we should not confuse the aesthetic presence they render. The fact is that, creatively speaking, the value of oval cut engagement rings is on par with every other diamond shape, and is arguably even higher than some shapes. Today’s diamond engagement ring galleries commonly feature oval cut solitaire side stone designs, an overabundance of halos, split and curved shanks, bypass and more. In other words, it is up to each of us to make the choice, without compromising quality, aesthetics or any personal preferences.