Let's Merge Infinity Engagement Rings & Side Stone Settings

Let's Merge Infinity Engagement Rings & Side Stone Settings

The Magic of Infinity Side Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

In pop culture, split shank side stone diamond engagement rings are the life of the party. The demand for cutting edge creativity and precision has resulted in a global competition of brides-to-be. Everyone is looking for that special edge, and we all want the next best diamond engagement ring that will pull the virtual rug from underneath our social media followers. Some people wonder what else the diamond industry could possibly come up with, thinking that everything has been tried and exhausted long ago. However, in many ways diamond settings are like a canvas - master the art, master the science, draw on the inspiration from within and the global virtual stage is yours.

The Infinity Diamond Setting is Symbolic, But it’s Also the Product of Genius Art & Science

Infinity engagement rings were created as a result of a creative urge - the urge to invent and inspire. But what made the mass production of infinity engagement rings possible were the technological breakthroughs in CAD casting. Create a structurally sound engagement ring design in CAD, print it and the rest is production minutia. The foundation of infinity engagement rings parallels that of split shank floral engagement rings, with the main difference being where the loops are introduced - in the shank versus in the diamond halo. One of the greatest aspects of infinity diamond settings is that they can be successfully merged with all of the popular engagement ring designs we are accustomed to. This includes the solitaire, the halo and, of course, the side stone diamond setting, among others.

Add Side Stones to an Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring and Witness the Magic

For many buyers, side stones add life to diamond engagement rings. Today’s galleries of diamond settings are filled with breathtaking diamond fire, which is accomplished with diamond quality and quantity. In your opinion, can a diamond engagement ring have too many side stone diamonds? We are often surprised at how divided buyers are on the topic of diamond fire, and how much is too much. Most buyers, however, do agree that side stones positively contribute to most engagement ring designs, and create a certain feeling of abundance. And while buyers are divided on what they deem an appropriate quantity of side stone diamonds, sellers have wasted no time in creating a full spectrum of side stone diamond engagement rings that cater to all tastes and preferences. Just ask the experts in pop culture, we have it all!

Start with a Simple Infinity Side Stone Engagement Ring, and it Only Gets Better

Without a doubt, side stones create a beautiful trail of diamond fire that converges at the center of the engagement ring shank. In this case we start with a halo. And there is no subtlety in the way halo engagement rings with side stones light the flame, when compared with any other side stone diamond setting. Stated in another manner, remove the side stone diamonds from this infinity diamond engagement ring, and the final result is the resemblance of a bare, incomplete engagement ring design. This gorgeous infinity engagement ring is a classic, in that it features a traditional round halo that consists of a total of 16 round brilliant diamonds, along with 32 round cut side stone diamonds, set along the infinity in prong settings. Notice that if you unwind the infinity, this design simply becomes a split shank halo engagement ring. It is widely believed that the split shank diamond halo setting was the precursor to the infinity engagement ring design. Most buyers also agree that the infinity adds yet another hint of elegance to this already stunning engagement ring concept.

We Did Mention that a Diamond Engagement Ring is Like a Canvas

Whatever the creative mind can perceive, an engagement ring designer can achieve. It is true that most infinity engagement rings boast the actual infinity at the sides of the shank. This particular setting, on the other hand, presents the infinity that intertwines with the round halo at the top. This infinity setting also demonstrates a unique use of milgrain, which lines the infinity itself as well as the diamond side stones. The milgrain adds a touch of vintage to this design, while the infinity lays a largely futuristic and somewhat contemporary foundation of the finished engagement ring. Unique, modern and outside the mainstream, this infinity diamond engagement ring, and others like it, are a product of the creative mastermind at their best.

Infinity Side Stone Engagement Rings Are Full of Surprises

Perhaps it does not come as a surprise that square halo engagement rings have joined the luxurious infinity design concept. But notice how a fairly superficial change in the presence or absence of side stone diamonds can lead to profound effects of the completed diamond engagement ring design. Relative to our first demonstration of the classic infinity side stone diamond setting, featuring the traditional round halo, this design presents a square halo with roughly half the side stone diamonds. More specifically, the side stones are only set along one of the two strands of the infinity shank. This creative modification goes a long way in accentuating the symmetry within the design, and adds a distinctive sense of intensity to the engagement ring. Since today’s diamond engagement ring connoisseurs live for the pizzazz, diamond settings like this create a fertile breeding ground for further innovation, that will continue to serve future generations of magical engagement proposals.

The Secret of Side Stone Engagement Rings Combined with Infinity Settings is Synergy

It is certainly true that if we were to present an infinity engagement ring without side stones, the result would closely mimic that of presenting a side stone engagement ring without the infinity. Synergy is created when the sum of two or more elements is greater than the combined contribution of the individual elements. Add side stones to an otherwise inconsequential infinity setting, and the resulting synergy has the potential to create an unforgettable diamond engagement ring design. In fact, it can be argued that almost all beautiful engagement rings are created by virtue of synergy. After all, almost every elegant diamond engagement ring combines multiple design characteristics, which merge to create a magical effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. For this reason, when you are looking for that perfect engagement ring, it is distinctly possible that what you are really seeking is the creative synergy that is right for you.