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Our goal at Encore DT Jewelry is not only to simplify the process of buying the best jewelry for you and your loved ones, but also to help you stay informed as to the latest designs and jewelry trends. Our Jewelry Guide will help you understand the different styles of engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, by presenting different options and price points for you to consider. Whether you choose from our unique selection of engagement rings under $500, wedding rings under $100 or our exclusive Italian Jewelry collection, we are here to help you make the process of buying jewelry a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

9 Luxury Diamond Cross Necklaces That Change Sunday Mornings

Going to church is as much of a cultural phenomenon as it is spiritual. From networking with colleagues to sharing stories with friends and neighbors, for many of us the Sunday morning service is an integral part of life. And while each of us expresses our spirituality in a different manner, a fashionable diamond cross necklace is always in style. Whether...  READ MORE

A Designer Floral Engagement Ring, Necklace & Earrings Set

The concept of giving flowers is among the most heartwarming ideas that humanity has endeavored. Considered by many to be the most universal act of kindness, gorgeous bouquets are gifted to significant others, friends, family members and sometimes even strangers. Seldom do people see the flower giving phenomenon as anything other than a sign of warmth...  READ MORE

Princess Cut Earrings for Your Next Special Occasion

Getting ready for your next special event? With so many designs and countless combinations, accessorizing has never been easier and time is on your side! If you have already chosen the perfect outfit and pair of shoes, your plan may very well be complete. However is any plan fully complete without the perfect fine jewelry set to highlight your gorgeous...  READ MORE

12 Beautiful & Unique Diamond Jewelry Gifts You Haven't Seen

How many unique diamond jewelry gifts have you come by in the last 30 days that you would call beautiful? Depending on where you have looked, your answer may vary. Nonetheless, birthdays and anniversaries are in sight, and time is of the essence! Rather than spend dozens of hours, browsing infinite collections of jewelry gift ideas, we have incorporated...  READ MORE

Italian Floral Diamond Necklace - White Gold and Rose Gold

In the context of diamond jewelry gifts, one of the most prevalent challenges we help our customers overcome is creating a pattern of unique surprises for their loved ones. Knowing someone for a long time means that you have gone through many birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions together. And after going from one jewelry store to the next...  READ MORE

Split Shank Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring - Two Tone Gold

Looking at this two tone diamond engagement ring masterpiece, for most people it becomes immediately clear that the design was intended to encapsulate a modern persona, and to capitalize on its modern character. And on the topic of encapsulating, the split shank wraps the diamond in a bypass fashion in an exquisitely modern depiction that combines...  READ MORE

Exquisite Solitaire Side Stone Bypass Engagement Ring

If you have already invested some time into searching for the diamond engagement ring that is right for you, you have probably witnessed some inconsistencies with regard to how engagement ring designs are described across various online stores and galleries. Classifying a diamond engagement ring can be much more challenging than it looks. With so many...  READ MORE

Emerald Shaped Halo Engagement Ring with Side Stones

Creating your own engagement ring was once a foreign concept to most buyers around the world. And when you consider the steps that used to be required to create your own diamond engagement ring, it makes sense that most people did not find the process to be an easy one. If you were a talented artist and could draw your own engagement ring design, you...  READ MORE

Elegant Vintage Engagement Ring w/ Chic Milgrain & Filigree

The complexity of vintage engagement rings can be deceiving. On the surface, it is not uncommon for a vintage diamond engagement ring design to appear simple, straightforward and easy on the eyes. But delve into the details, and you may notice some details within the design that will surprise you, especially as it relates to the underlying factors...  READ MORE

Unique Split Shank Side Solitaire Side Stone Engagement Ring

Perhaps the best unique engagement ring is one that cannot be easily described, categorized or commonly seen being worn by other people. The very notion of unique engagement rings commonly stems from an underlying desire to be different, to stand out and earn the spotlight. And many of our buyers derive a great deal of pleasure from wearing a diamond...  READ MORE

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are The New Round Cut

Oval cut diamond engagement rings have never led the industry in popularity, which explains why oval cut engagement rings substantially trail their round cut and princess cut diamond counterparts. However, for those who gravitate away from the mainstream, less popular diamond engagement rings can be appealing. Oval cut diamonds can render a sophisticated...  READ MORE

Create Your Engagement Ring in Real Time - Changing the Game

Creating engagement rings in real time has long been in the hearts and minds of buyers, sellers and the diamond industry as a whole. But in order to understand the driving force behind this evolution, it is important to analyze the current buying process of diamond engagement rings. Imagine that you are ready to propose and it is time to embark on...  READ MORE

Curved Shank Engagement Rings - Let's Play What If

Curved shank diamond engagement ring settings are arguably one of the most confusing designs in our industry. What are curved shank engagement rings, anyway? Technically speaking, bypass and infinity settings contain curved shanks. Several v-shaped split shank diamond engagement ring designs are also designed with a curve. And yet, we do not refer to...  READ MORE

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings - Intrigue in a Diamond

Marquise cut diamonds are quite possibly the least understood diamond shape in the world today, and rightfully so. Between their unusual, elongated shape and the relatively few diamond settings that can accommodate them, marquise shaped diamonds can be confusing to buyers and sellers alike. The fact is that marquise cut diamond engagement rings have...  READ MORE

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings - 100 Years of Culture

Three stone engagement rings are considered among the most romantic and culturally rich designs in the modern world. Also referred to as trilogy engagement rings, three stone settings originated in the 20th century, and created a new line of engagement ring designs entrenched in the symbolic significance of each of the three stones. Similar to many...  READ MORE

Filigree Engagement Rings - The Spectrum of Vintage Settings

The use of filigree in diamond engagement rings dates back to the 19th century, when most jewelry wire work was accomplished manually. Diamond settings featuring various forms of filigree culminated in popularity during Prohibition, but it was not until the end of the 20th century when the use of filigree in engagement rings went mainstream. Because...  READ MORE

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings - Complex Diamond, Easy Message

The emerald cut diamond is arguably one of the most complex diamond cuts in the industry. Known for its larger surface area, the elongated table of emerald cut diamonds inherently makes them look larger than their round brilliant diamond counterparts. The unique shape of emerald cut diamonds helps to easily differentiate them from all of the other...  READ MORE

Let's Merge Infinity Engagement Rings & Side Stone Settings

In pop culture, split shank side stone diamond engagement rings are the life of the party. The demand for cutting edge creativity and precision has resulted in a global competition of brides-to-be. Everyone is looking for that special edge, and we all want the next best diamond engagement ring that will pull the virtual rug from underneath our social...  READ MORE

Round Halo Side Stone Engagement Rings - A Global Leader

The profound impact of side stones on diamond engagement rings cannot be overstated. Round halo diamond settings are unquestionably one of the top 10 most popular engagement ring designs in the world. Merge the overwhelmingly popular side stone diamond setting with the iconic round halo engagement ring design, and the combined effect creates what is...  READ MORE

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, Necklaces & Earrings

The princess cut diamond is relentless, featuring a unique square shape and 57 facets. Trailing in popularity only to the round brilliant, princess cut diamonds have introduced a whole new dimension to fine jewelry. Prior to the square diamond shape, the foundation of diamond jewelry consisted of rounded shapes, splits and curves. The introduction of...  READ MORE

The Effect of Milgrain on Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings have infinitely evolved in the last twenty years, but especially in the last 3-5 years. As diamond settings evolve, many preconceived notions from the past have become outdated. Many facts that may have been accurate 20 years ago are only partially accurate today, and in some cases have become completely obsolete. Among the...  READ MORE

Cocktail Rings - Stylish Diamond Rings For Every Occasion

Diamond rings are often referred to as the epiphany of sophistication. Created during Prohibition in the 1920s, cocktail rings have undergone an exhaustive transformation, and modern cocktail rings are hardly reminiscent of their founding predecessors. For many of us, the majority of the events we attend do not necessarily call for a diamond ring...  READ MORE

14k Engagement Rings - A Modern Standard in Diamond Settings

We all know that 14k gold engagement rings are the most ubiquitous in the U.S. Similarly, we also know that 18k gold is more high end, and contains more actual gold. Additionally, platinum is an even more luxurious metal, and platinum engagement rings offer the ultimate upscale experience. If so, then why is 14k gold the preferred base metal for the...  READ MORE

Floral Diamond Jewelry - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Modern floral jewelry has seen a consistent growth in demand, especially in the 21st century. From diamond engagement rings to anniversary rings, cocktail rings as well as earrings, necklaces and pendants, flower designs continue to fly off the shelves with great enthusiasm. Fine jewelry buyers are seeking an edge in the way of unique gifts that do....  READ MORE

The Cushion Cut Diamond - An Oldie But Goodie

Cushion cut diamonds have been around since the 18th century, before the diamond industry had the technology to even conceive the possibility of the modern round brilliant diamond. Fascinating and inspiring, the cushion cut diamond is not quite a square and not quite a circle either - it is somewhere in between. Its characteristically high crown and...  READ MORE

Gemstone Engagement Rings - Depth & Personality From Within

Gemstone engagement rings have been a hot topic in the industry since their growing popularity, at the turn of the 21st century. Even though gemstone engagement rings have been around for generations, it wasn’t until millennials took note of gemstones’ unique personalities that they started gaining traction, and making their way into some of the most...  READ MORE

Prong Engagement Rings - A Diamond's Journey to a Proposal

Prong engagement rings have unquestionably rendered a transformation of the impossible, in the context of diamond settings. Relatively inexpensive and production friendly, prongs originated as claws in the 1800s, when the first six-claw solitaire diamond engagement ring was created. At that time, claws were significantly heavier, bulkier and had limited...  READ MORE

Change the Gold Color, Change the Diamond Engagement Ring

With diamond engagement ring shopping at an all time high, we are dedicating this issue to the battle of gold colors in engagement ring settings. Have you ever wondered what your engagement ring, or the diamond engagement ring you are planning to buy, would look like in a different gold color? Does it make you wonder how much or little of a difference...  READ MORE

Square Halo Engagement Rings - Round, Princess & Cushion Cut

It is difficult to overstate the exclusive nature of square halo engagement rings. Enjoying a consistent popularity, square halo diamond settings exemplify class, sophistication and elegance that few other designs can compete with. When most of us hear the words, square halo engagement rings, we likely envision the likes of a perfect square. In the...  READ MORE

The Illustrious Side Stone Touch in Diamond Engagement Rings

The overwhelmingly complex world of diamond engagement rings offers us countless options, some minor and some pivotal. These variations give us the opportunity to create an engagement ring setting we can call our own. Base metals, diamond shapes, diamond settings and shank designs are among the key, pivotal components of the finished engagement ring...  READ MORE

Fine Jewelry with A Designer's Touch - A Diamond Masterpiece

Every holiday season we surprise our loved ones with that special gift, and this year is no exception. From neoteric diamond engagement rings to extraordinary necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets, we search for the most special piece of fine jewelry, which will take their breath away. But with so many options, discounts and opinions, sometimes...  READ MORE

Round Cut Engagement Rings - The King of Diamond Settings

Born in the 1600s, round diamonds have existed in various forms, and continue to serve as the common denominator of the vast majority of modern diamond jewelry. While we briefly touched on round cut diamonds in a previous issue, titled Which Diamond Cut Are You Made For?, the round cut diamond accounts for over half of the total diamond sales volume...  READ MORE

Vintage Engagement Rings - Like a Good Wine with a Diamond

Vintage engagement rings are possibly the most confusing category of diamond engagement rings in the industry. Those who search for vintage engagement rings do not always know what to expect, and those who sell vintage settings are not always sure what to offer. But what constitutes a vintage engagement ring? And, perhaps, even more importantly, in...  READ MORE

Romantic Fine Jewelry Gifts - Ultra Luxury Diamonds

During every holiday season, we invest countless hours to find those perfect gifts for the ones we love. And for that special someone, the gift of a romantic gesture goes a long way. But what constitutes a romantic gesture? For some of us, it means a late night walk. For others, a romantic gesture is a fine jewelry gift set. And for many, it’s about...  READ MORE

Pear Cut Diamonds in Fine Jewelry - Elegant & Extraordinary

Pear cut diamonds have earned a reputation for their unique and sophisticated shape, as well as the effect they create when set in diamond engagement rings, necklaces earrings and fine jewelry as a whole. The elegance and sophistication of pear shaped diamonds is undeniable, yet pear cut diamonds do not even make it in the top 5 list of the most popular...  READ MORE

The Virtue of the Split Shank Engagement Ring

Split shank engagement rings have skyrocketed in popularity in the 21st century. While some argue that the trend was set in motion by a handful of American celebrities, the fact is that Italians have been wearing split shank engagement rings since the 1980s and 1990s. By splitting the shank and creating more than one resulting band, engagement ring...  READ MORE

Two Stone & Three Stone Engagement Rings - The Untold Story

Three stone engagement rings have conquered the hearts and minds of buyers and jewelers alike. The history of three stone engagement rings spans decades of change and evolution. Some sources claim that the three stones represent friendship, love and fidelity. Others claim that the three stone diamond engagement ring stands for the past, present and...  READ MORE

Engagement Rings with Side Stone Settings & Beyond

From simple solitaire to modern side stone engagement rings, jewelry industry patrons continue to evolve in their appetites for ultra luxury designs, the curves, the splits and the ultimate sparkle. For some buyers, pass a certain threshold in the diamond fire, and it becomes too much. For others, no quantity of diamonds could result in too much...  READ MORE

Wonders of the Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

In the last decade, the bypass engagement ring has become iconic, to some extent because it symbolizes a merger of two souls. The classic bypass demonstrates the overlapping of two bands, which subsequently come back apart - hence the term, “bypass”. Historically the significance of this design was placed on what it symbolizes. More recently, however...  READ MORE

Fine Diamond Jewelry - A Contemporary Perspective

No era embraced contemporary diamond jewelry quite like today. Thousands of unique, modern diamond cocktail rings, necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets and even diamond engagement rings are flooding the market. Alongside the innovation in the context of jewelry is aesthetic acceptance, where buyers continue to evolve and appreciate jewelry...  READ MORE

Diamond Earrings - The Past, The Present and The Future

Diamond earrings have held a dominant position in the jewelry industry, as well as in the world of high fashion, dating as far back as the concept of fashion itself. Our previous issue covered the The Evolution & Transformation of Diamond Necklaces, where we discussed the fact that antique necklaces resembled decorations, such as ornaments and...  READ MORE

Which Diamond Cut Are You Made For?

With so much debate and speculation surrounding the diamond cut, many people want to know which one is better, which one is the right fit for them, and some wonder if it’s just a matter of personal opinion. Technically speaking, different diamond cuts do vary in their ability to pass light, fit certain pieces of jewelry designs, the overall aesthetic...  READ MORE

The Evolution & Transformation of Diamond Necklaces

It is widely believed that diamond necklaces have experienced a transformation that is equivalent to engagement rings. There was a substantial period of time, during which necklaces resembled ornaments, chandeliers and other decorations that today largely make up the category of home decor. It is difficult to imagine that fine jewelry once consisted...  READ MORE

Finding Matching Diamond Jewelry for an Engagement Ring

There are few emotions that can live up to those of an engagement proposal. The sudden rush of energy is surreal and for a moment, nothing else in the world matters. But after this moment is over, the next moment usually involves the overwhelming feeling of informing friends and family, planning an engagement party and, the mother of all, planning...  READ MORE

2020: Shopping Diamond Engagement Rings, Fine Jewelry & More

The year 2020 has rattled the retail sector to its foundation, sending companies to the brink of bankruptcy and effectively creating a paradigm shift in how we shop for fine jewelry. The limitations on in-store occupancy rates have translated into even more diamond engagement rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings being purchased online. The rise...  READ MORE

Diamond Engagement Rings - Symmetry or Asymmetry?

One of the hottest topics among diamond engagement ring and jewelry designers is the notion of symmetry versus asymmetry, and how to leverage one or the other to render the latest and greatest engagement ring setting. While buyers may or may not realize the symmetry or asymmetry, when shopping for diamond engagement rings, this design element...  READ MORE

Have Simple Engagement Rings Become Obsolete?

Simple engagement rings were once the norm, and a traditional solitaire, halo or three stone diamond setting was enough for celebration. Fast forward to today, and unique, unprecedented and one-of-a-kind engagement rings have become the name of the game. Does this mean that the simple diamond engagement ring has ceased to exist? Have we as a society...  READ MORE

Are Solitaire Engagement Rings Extinct? Stylish? Irrelevant?

The solitaire diamond engagement ring design came into existence well over 100 years ago. During the course of the past 100 years we overcame Prohibition, the Great Depression, the Cold War and so many other notable pieces of history. Similarly, the demand for diamond engagement rings has undergone a significant transformation. The creative element...  READ MORE

The Creative Side of Unique Halo Engagement Rings

With an all time record in popularity of the halo engagement ring design, one may wonder whether it is actually possible to differentiate one halo setting from another. After all, doesn’t every variation simply entail a large center diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds in a square or circle shape, or some version thereof? While this is...  READ MORE

What Constitutes a Luxury Diamond Engagement Ring

It seems as though almost every popular diamond engagement ring store in the world claims to sell luxury diamond engagement rings, but what does this mean? What separates a high end engagement ring from its “average” counterpart, and where do we draw the line between the luxurious and everything else? These are the questions...  READ MORE

Halo Engagement Rings - The Luxury We Never Saw Coming

The halo engagement ring concept is almost 300 years old today. Having originated in Europe, in the 18th century, few could have predicted the luxury and opulence that is the halo diamond setting today. Thousands of design aspirations flood store inventories,...  READ MORE

Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring with a Modern Obsession

The evolution of diamond engagement rings traverses generations of sharp and round shank designs, curved and split shank modifications, prong, claw and pave set diamonds, perfect symmetry and contemporary, asymmetrical aesthetics. While the 20th century...  READ MORE

Creating Your Own Engagement Ring - History & Transformation

The notion of transforming your vision into your very own engagement ring has been around for generations. Professional designers have always been ready to convert a buyer’s vision into reality, but how does this work, and how does one communicate exactly what they want? Do you come into a jeweler’s office with a drawing? Something built of clay?  READ MORE

Engagement Rings Under $500 - A New Price Average

With more and more people embracing the economic recovery and many consumers focusing on cheaper jewelry, we have noticed an increase in sales of cheaper engagement rings, especially engagement rings under $500 dollars. The list of popular styles is long...  READ MORE

Average Price of Engagement Rings

Spending a number of years in the Engagement Ring sector of the Jewelry industry has revealed some interesting facts about statements we used to accept at face value, statements that continue to baffle consumers with regard to how much to spend on engagement rings...  READ MORE

Cheap Engagement Rings - Definitions and Interpretations

With so many engagement rings on the market and hundreds of different price points to choose from, what does a "cheap engagement ring" mean to you? By most accounts, cheap engagement rings are those that people can easily afford to buy. However...  READ MORE

Italian Jewelry - Exquisite, Sophisticated Designs

Spending a number of years in the Engagement Ring sector of the Jewelry industry has revealed some interesting facts about statements we used to accept at face value, statements that continue to baffle consumers with regard to how much to spend on engagement rings...  READ MORE