Italian Jewelry - Exquisite, Sophisticated Designs

Italian Jewelry - Exquisite, Sophisticated Designs

Italian jewelry earned its perception of superiority by systematic global domination in most major aspects of design, craftsmanship and presentation. Unlike mainstream engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces and earrings, Italians have found a way to deviate from, quite literally, the widely accepted rules of engagement. Out of all Italian Jewelry Online Stores, Encore DT stands out aesthetically, and consequently in character and personality. In this article we examine specific pieces of jewelry that you may find in a jewelry store in Italy, versus what we see here in the U.S.

Italian Engagement Rings

italian pink white gold solitaire diamond engagement ring white gold halo diamond engagement ring italian white gold solitaire diamond engagement ring

See if you can pinpoint which of these diamond engagement rings would likely be found in an Italian jewelry store and which would be found here in the U.S. The engagement ring on the left is produced in Via Ca', Italy. It features a custom two-piece overlapping shank in 18K white and pink (rose) gold. The diamond is a true round brilliant cut, 56 facets+1, and is set in a two-prong setting.

The engagement ring on the right is produced in Valenza, Alessandria, Italy. This Italian engagement ring features an undulating, partially overlapping shank in 18K white gold. The diamond is also a round brilliant cut, 56 facets+1, and is set in a custom three-prong setting.

You guessed it, the diamond engagement ring in the center is a beautiful mainstream design, commonly found in your local shopping mall, here in the U.S. This engagement ring features an invisible setting and a halo design, seven center diamonds, in 10K white gold.

Italian Wedding Rings

unique italian white pink gold diamond wedding ring white gold diamond wedding ring italian split shank diamond wedding ring

Next we examine Italian wedding rings. The 18K gold diamond wedding ring on the left is designed in Italy and features a rather complex design. As you can see, the shank is split three ways with an additional fourth diamond overlap. The production of this Italian diamond wedding ring requires approximately 8-10 hours of labor by our master jeweler in Italy. The ring features round brilliant diamonds, 56 facets + 1, and truly redefines the word "handcrafted".

The diamond wedding ring on the right is also designed and produced in Italy, by a different master jeweler. This particular wedding ring features a three-way shank and round brilliant diamonds in a unique sheet diamond setting. This diamond wedding ring is on the heavier side, weighing a total of 8.3 grams, with gold accounting for roughly six of those grams.

The diamond wedding ring in the center is a beautiful mainstream design, also typically found at your local shopping mall. This wedding ring features a prong setting with round-cut diamonds, set along one half the circumference of the wide one-piece shank.

Italian Diamond Necklaces

exquisite italian diamond white gold flower necklace white gold vertical infinity necklace unique custom italian white gold necklace

We move on to Italian diamond necklaces, which fall into a different category of jewelry, as necklaces are most commonly given as gifts for special occasions. Much like Italian diamond engagement rings, Italian diamond necklaces are given to match the recipient's style, character and personality. The exquisite 18k gold Italian diamond necklace on the left is produced entirely by hand, each diamond scrupulously set, including the micropave design on the sixth leaf. This necklace weighs approximately 17.5 grams, with gold accounting for approximately 12.5 of those grams, and ships with an 18k white gold chain, measuring 16 inches in length.

The 18k white gold Italian diamond necklace on the right is also produced 100% by hand. Every piece of this design is customized, and the white gold piece at the bottom is heated into the siding of the necklace with state-of-the-art precision. You will also notice an additional four-prong enclosure around one of the diamonds on the right strand. This Italian diamond necklace is infinitely sophisticated and is available only in Italy.

The beautiful infinity necklace in the center is produced in 10k white gold and is commonly found in mainstream jewelry stores across the United States. The diamonds are set in a channel-like four-prong setting and the design is generally mass produced in China, Thailand or India.

Italian Earrings

italian diamond white gold earrings twine drop white gold earrings italian diamond pink white gold earrings

Lastly, we review 18k gold Italian diamond earrings and compare them with the mainstream designs we are used to seeing, here in the U.S. The diamond earrings on the left are a hybrid of the infinity and twine drop earrings designs. The unfinished third loop adds a component of metaphysical abstraction, further contributing to the desired sophisticated final look.

The diamond white and pink (rose) gold Italian earrings on the right feature another abstract design, with three major design components, all contributing to the intended asymmetric aesthetic characteristics. The three visible components on each earring are actually three separate pieces molded into one, creating the intended invisible obtuse angle at the bottom, which further contributes to the asymmetric character of the design.

The diamond earrings in the center are classic twine drop earrings, commonly found at most jewelry stores in the U.S. The particulars vary, but the concept is that there are three points of contiguity in the design, often accompanied by a diamond arrangement that completes the design. This particular design features eight diamonds above the lowest point of contiguity, set in a prong setting, in 10k white gold.

Italian jewelry truly deserves the attention and perception of superiority that it has enjoyed for many decades. Being a smart consumer means understanding your options. Regardless of what choices we make with regard to the jewelry we buy, knowing about the Italian jewelry out there that is not available at your local jewelry store helps us make informed decisions.

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