Halo Engagement Rings - The Luxury We Never Saw Coming

Halo Engagement Rings - The Luxury We Never Saw Coming

The Halo Engagement Ring and Where It Came From

The halo engagement ring concept is almost 300 years old today. Having originated in Europe, in the 18th century, few could have predicted the luxury and opulence that is the halo diamond setting today. Thousands of design aspirations flood store inventories, offering round cut halos, double halos but also princess cut, cushion cut emerald cut, pear cut, oval cut, side stone halo diamond engagement rings and more. However, this is only the beginning.

Cheap Halo Engagement Rings - What They Are and What They're Not

In fact, the cheap halo engagement ring, as we know it, has ceased to exist. While prices have largely remained the same, we are seeing more diamonds and more modern settings, more 14k and 18k gold, and even more platinum. Additionally, not only are we observing a higher quantity of side stones and accent diamonds, but the center diamonds are growing in size. Diamond education has played a substantial role in helping buyers recognize the differences in diamond prices, enabling people to choose what’s important to them.

Transformation of the Classic Halo

Among traditionally cheap diamond engagement ring sets, the classic halo has seen quite a few interesting transformations. More and more double halo setting designs have gotten through to buyers, with two rows of diamonds surrounding the main, center stone. Additionally, the side stone arrangements, converging on the center diamond, continue to surprise us with aesthetic improvisations we have not seen in the past. Not only have we observed multiple rows of side stones - two and sometimes even three rows on either side of the center stone - but we continue to witness side stones appearing on other planes of the shank, effectively being set on multiple facets of the shank for added fire and scintillation.

Halo Shapes Like We've Never Seen Before

While round cut halo engagement rings continue to flood the market, buyers are noticing the other variations just as readily. The princess cut halo has grown in popularity, particularly in the 21st century, and we are seeing more and more princess cut center diamonds, being accentuated by the side and accent stones. Similarly, the market has seen a substantial influx of soft square halo engagement rings, where the center stone is still a round cut diamond, but the shape around the center stone creates the soft square with rounded edges. Soft square halos have also grown in popularity, particularly among buyers who prefer not to have sharp, pointy edges in their engagement ring settings, but still enjoy the more square or rectangle-like halo.

The Halo Engagement Ring Design is Here to Stay

In looking at the design trends of the past few hundred years, it becomes evident that the halo is here for the long term. While it is probable that tomorrow's halo engagement rings will present aesthetic surprises and unforeseen variations, relative to today's halo designs, the design in and of itself will continue to enjoy the attention of buyers and sellers alike. From a design perspective, the possibilities of the halo are endless, and we are excited to continue offering the best online engagement rings in the world. No one knows where the inventive element of the halo will take us from here, but we look forward to being at the forefront of this design evolution. The almighty halo diamond engagement ring, Encore DT is ready for your beauty!

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