Gemstone Engagement Rings - Depth & Personality From Within

Gemstone Engagement Rings - Depth & Personality From Within

The Debate of Gemstone Vs. Diamond Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings have been a hot topic in the industry since their growing popularity, at the turn of the 21st century. Even though gemstone engagement rings have been around for generations, it wasn’t until millennials took note of gemstones’ unique personalities that they started gaining traction, and making their way into some of the most popular engagement ring settings. Modern engagement rings readily accommodate sapphire, tanzanite, emerald, ruby and other gemstones. This trend began in part due to the widespread availability of gemstones among suppliers, which is in turn driven by current buying trends and growing demand. But how do you make a decision as to whether to pursue a diamond engagement ring or its gemstone counterpart? Are there specific factors that buyers should consider when contemplating traditional diamond settings versus sapphire, ruby, emerald or tanzanite engagement rings?

The Choice Was Tough, So Sellers Offered Gemstone Engagement Rings with Diamonds

When faced with the choice of pursuing an over 100 year tradition of diamond engagement rings versus the modern and fashionable gemstone engagement ring alternative, many buyers couldn’t choose. For this reason, modern engagement rings frequently offer designs with a gemstone as the main, center stone, and diamonds set in the periphery. In a recent issue, titled The Illustrious Side Stone Touch in Diamond Engagement Rings, we discussed the unique role that diamond side stones play in engagement rings. Among other contributing factors, side stones help focus our attention on the main center stone. As such, setting a gemstone as the main, center stone, in a solitaire side stone engagement ring, adds a sparkle and helps focus the attention on the gemstone. A similar notion applies to a bypass engagement ring, as well as a three stone diamond setting, in which the gemstone takes the center stage, while the two diamonds on each side help bring out the gemstone.

The Solitaire Side Stone Bypass Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Ring

You may recall seeing this bypass diamond engagement ring design in a previous issue. Featuring five round cut side stone diamonds on each side of the bypass, this diamond setting is an accurate representation of the modern approach to the solitaire side stone and bypass design concepts. However, what if we were to replace the round brilliant center diamond with a sapphire gemstone?

While sapphire gemstones technically exist in a variety of colors, the majority of sapphire engagement rings feature a rich, blue color, which adds another dimension to the overall design and completely alters its personality. Many people argue that the distinct color of any gemstone makes it less universal, and may require a substantial wardrobe change. Others argue that a gemstone only adds more style and sophistication. After looking at the diamond and sapphire version of this engagement ring, which side do you agree with?

Three Stone Engagement Rings - The Diamond Versus Tanzanite Dilemma

Three stone diamond engagement rings represent the past, the present and the future. This particular diamond setting boasts three round brilliant diamonds, highlighted by an additional 38 round cut side stone diamonds, arranged in three rows on each side of the shank. Without question, this prong engagement ring represents a fashion-forward approach to an otherwise mainstream three-stone concept, but what can we change to render a more contemporary version of this engagement ring? Our team decided to set a tanzanite gemstone as the main center stone.

Replace the center diamond with a tanzanite gemstone, and the personality of this engagement changes substantially. Recently recognized as December birthstones, tanzanite gemstones exist in a variety of colors, ranging from different shades of blue to purple and even violet. Tanzanite gemstones unquestionably add a modern, and sometimes even contemporary look and feel to engagement rings. Some engagement ring settings are set exclusively with tanzanite stones, but most modern engagement rings offer a combination of tanzanite gemstones and diamonds.

Bottom Line - Gemstone Diamond Engagement Rings Are Beautiful and Exquisite

While the debate on the topic of universality of gemstone engagement rings carries on, few can contest the exquisite character of sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, emerald and other gemstone engagement rings. In addition, different cultures view gemstones through different perspectives. Even though gemstones are often viewed as an accessory in the United States, some cultures only allow people to wear jewelry with the gemstone that represents their particular birth month. We certainly recommend giving gemstone engagement rings a closer look, even if to eliminate them as a suitable option. Since most people wear their engagement rings every day, let’s make sure that our engagement rings warm our hearts and enhance our smiles.