Floral Diamond Jewelry - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Floral Diamond Jewelry - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Flower Jewelry - Diamond Rings, Necklaces & Earrings

Modern floral jewelry has seen a consistent growth in demand, especially in the 21st century. From diamond engagement rings to anniversary rings, cocktail rings as well as earrings, necklaces and pendants, flower designs continue to fly off the shelves with great enthusiasm. Fine jewelry buyers are seeking an edge in the way of unique gifts that do not conform to the mainstream, and sellers are eager to deliver. Historically, the spectrum of floral jewelry designs was relatively insignificant and the attention to detail limited, in part due to the high cost of production of the fine details. Today, the full depth and breadth of floral rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants is staggering, as technological advances have enabled us to reproduce pistils, anthers, filaments and other aspects of various flowers in substantial detail.

The Symbolic Nature of Floral Engagement Rings, Cocktail Rings, Necklaces & Earrings

The tradition of giving flowers has existed since the 1700s, in Europe and Asia. However, the digital technology needed to reproduce a flower in a piece of jewelry did not become available until 200 years later. It was not until the late 20th century that modern CAD casting technology was leveraged to seamlessly merge floral drawings with jewelry production. It was then that the production of floral engagement rings became a common practice, and once this phenomenon went viral, various floral designs made their way into every type of diamond jewelry available in the industry. Today, as the CAD casting technology continues to see vast improvements in efficiency and production consistency, some argue that floral diamond jewelry should now be considered mainstream. Most parties, however, agree that the romantic nature of floral jewelry will extend its demand and popularity for many generations to come.

Floral Cocktail Rings - A Heartful Treasure

Imagine looking for a birthday or anniversary gift for that special someone. Weeks have passed, time is running out, you feel like you have exhausted all options on previous gifts, and you have mere days to make a decision. Few gifts can compare with the romantic miracle of a floral cocktail ring. This floral ring features over a tenth of a carat in Italian round brilliant diamonds. The split shank gives rise to a state-of-the-art produced flower, with well outlined anthers, filaments, pistils and more. The perfect outlines of the flower leaves epitomize perfection. This ring is produced in two tone 18k white and yellow gold, and is ready to take the breath away of that special someone.

Italian Flower Diamond Necklaces - A Romantic Gift You Never Saw Coming

A romantic gesture is always in season, and Italian jewelry is always ready to please, surprise and conquer. The Italian floral leaf necklace shown above demonstrates five petals that closely emulate a real flower, with attention to detail that emphasizes the filaments, produced in 18k white gold, as well as anthers, represented by gorgeous round brilliant Italian diamonds. While the fine details are digitally printed in Italy, utilizing the latest CAD casting technology, all of the stones are set by hand, including the pave diamond arrangement found on one of the leaf petals. This exclusive, designer necklace, sets the bar high.

Floral Earrings - Completing the Perfect Diamond Jewelry Gift Set

Nothing completes a floral jewelry gift set like an exclusive pair of earrings, produced in 18k white gold. Rendering the perfect finishing touch to a floral jewelry set, these earrings feature over 3.5 carats in total diamond weight. The diamonds are set in a combination of four prong and pave settings. These earrings will embellish a simple or sophisticated look, and the universal character of white gold will enable you to mix and match with other jewelry and attire, as you see fit.

Diamond Engagement Rings - Floral Settings for an Unforgettable Proposal

Floral diamond settings are essentially floral halo engagement rings in which the flower is created by varying the diamond sizes of the halo, around the main center stone. With the popularity of flower engagement rings at a consistent high, modern floral settings are available in 10k, 14, and 18k white, yellow, rose gold, platinum and even sterling silver. In addition to the floral halo, modern flower engagement rings offer variations of the curved and split shank, infinity shank, vintage milgrain and filigree, cathedral settings and more. This particular floral engagement ring features 12 round cut side stones, a 12-diamond halo and a gorgeous, one carat round cut brilliant center diamond. Technically, this design represents a side stone halo. In essence, however, this is a vastly elegant, modern floral engagement ring.

Floral Diamond Jewelry is an Exquisite Mind’s Journey to Romantic Perfection

With floral jewelry filling the hearts and minds of buyers and sellers with joy, flower rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings will continue to flood the market with anticipation. If the gift of flowers is an essential romantic gesture, then why not give your loved one a flower that they will wear for life. With so many options and variations of floral jewelry, it is certainly worth considering. And if your loved one lives for flowers, then floral jewelry may be the ultimate gift that you cannot afford to pass.