Fine Jewelry with A Designer's Touch - A Diamond Masterpiece

Fine Jewelry with A Designer's Touch - A Diamond Masterpiece

Shopping for Diamond Jewelry - Fun for Some, Not for All

Every holiday season we surprise our loved ones with that special gift, and this year is no exception. From neoteric diamond engagement rings to extraordinary necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets, we search for the most special piece of fine jewelry, which will take their breath away. But with so many options, discounts and opinions, sometimes it is difficult to find a starting point. The best place to buy diamond engagement rings may very well be dictated by its specific selection, and how that selection fits each respective buyer. A basic search of diamond necklaces and pendants in an average online jewelry store will likely reveal 500-1,000 SKUs. Diamond earrings are in such a high supply that it could take two hours, just to go through one store’s inventory. So where do you begin your search? How can you sift through thousands of diamond jewelry pieces, eliminate those that do not meet the expectations of your loved one, and land the one piece of jewelry or gift set that checks all of the boxes?

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder, So Know the Beholder!

Since no one knows your loved one better than you, your search for the perfect diamond jewelry gift should always start with them. The following are a few questions to ask yourself, about the lucky gift recipient, before embarking on your shopping journey.

  • - What jewelry do they already have?
  • - What jewelry do they have the most of?
  • - What are their sizes?
  • - What comments have they made in the last 6-12 months about diamond jewelry?
  • - What jewelry don’t they have?
  • - What excites them about diamond jewelry, as well as other aspects of their life?

Taking inventory of your answers to these questions will save you countless hours of sifting through and eliminating jewelry gifts that do not work for your loved one. If they already have several heart shaped necklaces with pendants, then perhaps this option is eliminated. On the other hand, if they have several heart-shaped pendants but only one necklace in rose gold, this may be an opportunity. In this scenario, you may consider searching for a white gold necklace with a unique heart-shaped pendant. This gift will help your loved one accomplish two things - have another unique heart shaped pendant, if that is what excites them, and also have an alternative necklace they can wear with the other heart pendants that they already have.

The Romantic Heart-Shaped Necklace

Heart necklaces are not only romantic, but are also one of the most universal gifts in the context of fine jewelry. Representing profound love and affection, heart necklaces conquer our hearts and minds, and leave us wanting more. This gorgeous Italian heart necklace consists of two interwoven hearts, accented with 19 heartwarming round brilliant diamonds, nicely completed with an 18-inch necklace, produced in 18k white gold. Even if your loved one already has a heart necklace, if this is what excites them, a second one would give them some alternatives.

Diamond Earrings That Say, I Love You

If your significant other is driven by the romantic nature of heart necklaces, then it may also be worth considering a pair of heart earrings. Whether in a matching gift set or on their own, these heart shaped earrings feature a modern perspective, highlighted by three round brilliant diamonds on each earring. Boasting a screw-back, the beauty of these earrings is undisputed.

The Ultimate Gift - The Romantic Diamond Engagement Ring

Deviating from the heart theme of this issue, the diamond engagement ring shown above carries an equally romantic undertone. Featuring a ribbon and signifying "tying the knot", this three stone engagement ring features sensational round brilliant diamonds, with a total weight of the ring coming in at only 4.4 grams. When romance is in the air, this elegant diamond engagement ring is ready to deliver unforgettable memories.

Shopping for Jewelry Gifts Empowers Us

You may become surprised at how much you will learn in the process of shopping for a diamond jewelry gift. Not only will you likely learn more about diamond jewelry itself, but by asking the above mentioned questions about your partner, you will likely become better acquainted with their current jewelry selection, how their comments in the last 6-12 months can translate into an amazing jewelry gift, and what ultimately drives their creative satisfaction. In the end, it is not uncommon for people to end up enjoying this process even more than the piece of jewelry that subsequently arrives in the mail. After all, our significant other’s happiness translates into our happiness, so let’s raise a glass to that special piece of diamond jewelry, which will fill your hearts with lasting joyful memories.