Filigree Engagement Rings - The Spectrum of Vintage Settings

Filigree Engagement Rings - The Spectrum of Vintage Settings

Filigree Diamond Engagement Rings - a Vintage Masterpiece

The use of filigree in diamond engagement rings dates back to the 19th century, when most jewelry wire work was accomplished manually. Diamond settings featuring various forms of filigree culminated in popularity during Prohibition, but it was not until the end of the 20th century when the use of filigree in engagement rings went mainstream. Because the use of filigree, in general, dates back many thousands of years, diamond engagement rings with filigree today are almost invariably placed into the vintage and antique categories. Additionally, modern diamond engagement ring galleries combine some of today’s most popular design elements with filigree, creating varying degrees of vintage and antique engagement ring designs that are rendered relevant today. But what exactly is filigree and why would someone choose to purchase a design with filigree?

Understanding the Implications of a Diamond Setting with Filigree

Filigree is essentially a form of metal threading, which can span an engagement ring in varying degrees. Stated differently, a diamond engagement ring can boast filigree along the entire setting. As an alternative, an engagement ring can contain filigree only at the top, near opposite ends of the main center stone or halo. In addition, an engagement ring design can contain varying levels of filigree, ranging from light to heavy, and everywhere in between. This explains why vintage engagement rings are represented by a spectrum. One side represents mild designs, featuring light vintage characteristics. The opposite side contains heavy vintage character, which often includes high levels of filigree. Therefore, it is often helpful to consider the level of vintage or antique character in a desired engagement ring in advance, to make your search more fruitful and productive. In other words, are you interested in a heavily vintage or antique engagement ring, or do you find diamond settings with mild vintage characteristics more attractive? When you set the right tone early on in your diamond engagement ring shopping experience, you are setting yourself up for success.

Light Filigree - A Diamond Engagement Ring with a Hint of Vintage

While diamond engagement rings with filigree have gained immense popularity in recent years, the deviation in the desired levels of vintage character varies from one buyer to another. As a result, sellers have developed an expansive spectrum of diamond settings that cater to the different tastes and preferences which drive demand in the market. Included in this spectrum are diamond engagement rings with filigree so subtle, that these designs hardly qualify as vintage engagement rings in the first place. In fact, some buyers do not even notice the presence filigree until they read the title or description. Simply stated, the presence of filigree in these engagement ring designs is intended to highlight the design, as opposed to create a vintage diamond setting.

Among these designs is the square halo engagement ring shown above. It is not surprising that filigree side stone engagement rings enjoy a steady level of popularity. After all, they combine the stunningly demanded halo with a skilled application of a filigree pattern, which many consider an artistic contribution to a diamond engagement ring design that has otherwise become overwhelmingly common in the marketplace. This particular diamond setting features a prong set princess cut center diamond, further embellished by the round cut diamonds which render the halo, as well as the five round cut side stone diamonds on each side of the halo. As you can see, the filigree is found only next to the side stones, as well as on the side of the shank, in which the filigree accentuates the overall design. Wonder what the presence of heavy filigree will contribute to a diamond engagement ring?

Heavy Presence of Filigree Can Create a Vintage Engagement Ring Extraordinaire

It is important to preface the description of this particular diamond engagement ring design with a word of caution. Antique engagement rings, much like vintage diamond settings, are not for everyone. While it is essential for us to respect and appreciate history, many buyers prefer the modern approach to engagement rings, so this masterful antique engagement ring setting is intended for those who enjoy wearing a piece of history on their ring finger. As such, this engagement ring setting unquestionably takes filigree to a whole new level. More specifically, this design boasts pierced filigree and artisan craftsmanship, somewhat reminiscent of the Edwardian era. In fact, the shank was widened so as to create a larger canvas and accommodate this level of filigree. And as you can imagine, today’s filigree halo engagement rings offer a wide spectrum of aesthetic preferences, with this one intended for the true patriots of antique beauty. You may now be wondering, what is the sweet center in filigree engagement ring settings? Does a reasonable balance exist between incorporating filigree while maintaining the modern integrity of diamond engagement ring designs?

A Moderate Approach to Filigree Diamond Engagement Rings

Without question, balancing the vintage and antique effects of filigree with the modern curved shanks and side stones creates extraordinary diamond settings. This solitaire side stone diamond engagement ring features a total of 31 round cut diamonds. The shank is curved at the center diamond and the presence of filigree is limited to underneath the main, center stone, extending outward to the side stone diamonds. The role of the filigree in this particular design is limited to highlighting the side stones, as well as the round brilliant center diamond. Stated in another manner, this engagement ring is not created around filigree. On the contrary, the filigree is created around highlighting the solitaire side stone design concept. Most would agree that this diamond engagement ring is a solid contender for the modern tastes and preferences that drive demand for diamond settings today.

Vary the Filigree, Vary the Timeline

By altering the depth and breadth of filigree in a diamond engagement ring, we have the ability to render a modern setting, an antique engagement ring and everything in between. For those interested in carrying a piece of history through your marriage, there is a wide selection of diamond settings just for you. Those looking for an engagement ring with a mild presence of filigree, just enough to highlight a beautiful design, there are overwhelming options to choose from. And finally, if you are looking for a moderate approach in which the presence of filigree is balanced to create a modern vintage engagement ring design, you are going to enjoy the largest selection of all. If you are not sure where on this spectrum your tastes lie, try them all until one diamond engagement ring calls your name!