Exquisite Solitaire Side Stone Vintage Engagement Ring

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elegant side stone vintage engagement ring

The complexity of vintage engagement rings can be deceiving. On the surface, it is not uncommon for a vintage diamond engagement ring design to appear simple, straightforward and easy on the eyes. But delve into the details, and you may notice some details within the design that will surprise you, especially as it relates to the underlying factors that qualify the engagement ring as a vintage in the first place. In many cases, this dissonance occurs as a result of an attempt to analyze a three dimensional engagement ring with a two dimensional photo, which will not always divulge all of the details that make up the design.

Developing a thorough understanding about vintage engagement rings is a learning process, heavily dependent on the details of each individual design. As an applied example, let’s refer to the vintage engagement ring shown above. On the surface, this appears to be a mere solitaire side stone diamond setting with round cut diamonds, featuring a simple and attractive four prong setting. At this angle, it is easy to spot the diamonds, the prongs and a good portion of the design. However, hidden along the sides of the shank are the more elaborate and sophisticated vintage design elements.

side view of elegant vintage engagement ring

These include an intricate filigree pattern along almost the entire circumference of the shank. The addition of milgrain (beads) helps emphasize the filigree and side stones, beautifully bringing together the remaining elements of the engagement ring design. And if that’s not enough, there is an additional circular base, strategically positioned underneath the round brilliant center stone, that contributes the additional height to the final diamond setting. For this reason, all of our incredible diamond engagement rings are accompanied with three dimensional video depictions, where no detail is left behind and no stone is left unturned.


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