Engagement Rings Under $500 - A New Price Average

$500 - A New Price Average

With more and more people embracing the economic recovery and many consumers focusing on cheaper jewelry, we have noticed an increase in sales of cheaper engagement rings, especially engagement rings under 500 dollars. The list of popular styles is long - from classic solitaire and halo diamond rings to emerald and marquise cut engagement rings - more and more consumers start paying attention to this new average - Under $500. In fact, it all starts with a ring featuring a huge diamond costing thousands of dollars, subsequently transitioning into considering a cheaper alternative. When a customer sees an engagement ring with a smaller diamond but similar sparkle and unique design for only $499, they often consider the more affordable alternative, realizing the benefits of more cash left in their pocket.

"I have trained myself to pick cheaper alternatives when times were hard", says Nathan Robinson from Los Angeles, California. "My dream was to propose with a one carat diamond ring, but when I was laid off, I found myself looking for less expensive alternatives with similar designs. I've found a beautiful solitaire engagement ring within the $500 dollar range and my wife was happy to accept it and say "Yes". This approach to saying "No" to unneeded luxuries has saved me a lot of money, to say the least".

It's important to note that a cheaper ring still means great quality. In fact, most of our engagement rings under $500 are made of either white, yellow and/or pink gold as well as sterling silver, and every jewelry piece is put to the test with our rigorous set of quality control procedures. In addition, we use 100% natural diamonds. Normally, the bigger the diamond, the higher the price tag of the ring. Those rings that can be priced below $500 dollars may contain slightly smaller diamonds or a combination of small stones, creating the image of a larger stone, providing comparable fire and scintillation. The diamond cut plays a major role in the total price of an engagement ring, and we maximize quality on all accounts.

Classic Engagement Ring Under $500

"Encore DT" has been focusing on classic engagement rings below five hundred dollars to satisfy the likes and tastes of jewelry consumers. The below pictured classic engagement ring features a traditional side-stone design, featuring 10K white gold. Its central 0.15 carat round cut diamond, in a classic prong setting, renders a great shine. The center stone sits slightly higher than the body of the ring, allowing more light pass underneath the stone, offering incredible fire and scintillation. Five more side-stone diamonds, located on both sides of the central diamond, complete the design. And here are the good news - the price is just below $500, which is 2-3 times less than many comparable diamond engagement rings on the market.

A Three-Stone Masterpiece

This three-stone diamond engagement style is a classic that lives forever. Five round side stones and one round accent diamond on each side give rise to a larger 0.10 CT round center diamond to complete the design. This classic diamond engagement ring design is still one of the most popular among engagement ring buyers. And yet, this ring is one of the most unique engagement rings under $500 manufactured by "Encore DT".

Halo Masterpiece on Her Finger

With a price tag of less than $500, this classic halo diamond engagement ring will shine for an eternity. Four round brilliant diamonds on each side converge on the thirteen diamond halo. This ring has been our bestseller for more than six months. "Rather than spending a fortune on a 1 carat ring, I believe it's easier to work with a much cheaper alternative and a very similar look", says Maria S., Encore DT's sales associate.

An Engagement Ring for Every Woman

At Encore DT our main focus is to offer the best value to our customers. Being an online only jewelry store means minimal overhead and great cost savings, which we pass on to you in way of deals and discounts on all of the engagement rings we sell. By all accounts, our sales reports are showing that the trend with cheaper diamond engagement rings is here to stay. Whether you are looking for a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, a vintage three stone, pave or a 100% custom style, we invite you to browse our unmatched selection and find the perfect ring for your loved one, under $500.