Engagement Proposals - Diamond Engagement Rings & Beyond

You’re ready to propose. Now what?

When it comes time to pop the question, the days and weeks ahead are often filled with too many questions and not enough answers. Imagine you're ready to propose the sunset beach picnic style and you know the perfect company that will take care of it, but there is still one question unanswered. Is it time to shop diamond engagement rings online or visit your local jewelry store? Start with a diamond or start with a setting? Is there truly a store that sells cheap diamond engagement rings and if so, what constitutes a cheap diamond, a cheap setting, and is there even such a thing as a cheap wedding set?

The fact is that the use of diamonds dates back to the primordial Romans and Greeks, who assimilated diamonds to tears and splinters of royalty. And while most natural diamonds are up to a few billion years old and made up of carbon, their price tags ultimately boil down to the four C’s - Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. While most of us have heard of the four C’s, the best place to buy an engagement diamond ring is the one that balances the four C’s with your budget.

Focusing on What’s Important to Your Partner

“You should really increase your budget and go with VS1-VS2 clarity”. “This diamond is small. I recommend going with at least a half carat”. “This ‘I’ diamond color will show yellow, so I recommend going with an ‘H’ or better”. Heard all of these sales lines and talking points before? Hear them, think about them, put them to rest and ask yourself what is important to your partner. How much value do they place on the clarity, color and carat weight of a diamond? What if they are more interested in an original setting design? What if they prefer a gemstone altogether? Focus on your partner and it will steer you in the right direction.

The Bottom Line

The engagement proposal is a life altering event. For this reason, everything about the proposal should be dictated by you and your partner, and not what the diamond industry wants you to believe. The best online engagement rings are those that speak to you and your partner, those that you would be excited to look at every day and ultimately, that comes down to a set of specific personal preferences. Keep your head up, follow your heart and make it the proposal of a lifetime.