Diamond Earrings - The Past, The Present and The Future

Diamond Earrings - The Past, The Present and The Future

Diamond Earrings - The Way it Used to Be

Diamond earrings have held a dominant position in the jewelry industry, as well as in the world of high fashion, dating as far back as the concept of fashion itself. Our previous issue covered the The Evolution & Transformation of Diamond Necklaces, where we discussed the fact that antique necklaces resembled decorations, such as ornaments and chandeliers. Earrings followed a similar trajectory, though people have been known to wear earrings and pierce their ears as far back as 5,000 years ago. While diamond earrings are a more modern phenomenon, the role that earrings have played has remained consistent long before diamonds were added to the equation. One of the biggest evolutionary developments of earrings is their affordability. In ancient Egypt, earrings were available predominantly to the upper class. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the percentage of the population wearing earrings today has skyrocketed exponentially.

While tastes and preferences are vastly different, from one person to the next, diamond earrings have undergone some transformations that share a few common denominators. Today’s diamond earrings rarely resemble decorations. On the contrary, many designs have been created to match other fine jewelry, often sold in matching sets. The modern 21st century fashionista is very likely to have specific diamond earrings for specific occasions, as well particular matches of each pair of earrings to their corresponding necklaces, bracelets, diamond rings and more. So what constitutes the past, the present and the future in the context of diamond earrings?

Ornaments, Chandeliers and Other Decorations

One of the easiest ways to understand antique earrings is to think of ways people decorate their homes today - sculptures, paintings, chandeliers, flowers and more. Back in the day, earrings were analogous to what we consider decorations today. Imagine hanging the pair of silver earrings, shown above, similar to how you would a painting. The wire work gave rise to the five-level chandelier, set with beautiful round cut cz stones. Back in the day, this design would likely have been set with pearls.

The diamond earrings designs of today frequently resemble the designs of today’s engagement rings. Looking at the mainstream diamond engagement rings - the solitaire, halo and three stone designs - today’s diamond earrings are often produced in the way of matching jewelry, which we discussed on our previous issue, titled Finding Matching Diamond Jewelry for an Engagement Ring. The diamond studs featured above are produced in 14k white gold and feature a one carat princess cut diamond each, for two carats in total diamond weight. Think about how great these would look with a princess cut solitaire diamond engagement ring.

The Unique, the Modern and the Contemporary

Perhaps not all diamond earrings readily conform to the mainstream engagement rings. With so many hoops, drop earrings and dangle earrings on virtual store shelves today, there is a gorgeous design out there for everyone. The attached pair of earrings can be viewed as a modern version of the three stone. But if you look closely, this pair of earrings features a unique version of the pave, with an invisible diamond setting. Small diamonds are set in close proximity to one another to maximize the brilliance of the final design.

History Will Always Be Respected

It’s not that the antique earrings design is extinct or no longer viable, but today’s antique earrings have been transformed to reflect the current trends. The wire work has largely been replaced by a CAD printed mold, which in this case was produced in 14k white gold. The pearls are typically replaced by diamonds, gemstones or CZ. In this case, these earrings are set with sapphire gemstones.

Diamond Earrings for Everyone

Not that different from diamond engagement rings, today’s diamond earrings love the history that brought them to where they are now. And while some of the most popular diamond earrings are represented by drop, dangle, stud and other more modern combinations, many of the modern designs incorporate the historic chandeliers, ornaments and other decorations. Additionally, handmade earrings are still widely available, and tend to be offered at fairs, conventions and other like-kind events. Arguably the best part about earrings is that unlike engagement rings, the more earrings in your jewelry box the better. So stock up, enjoy and cheers to having a pair of diamond earrings for every occasion!