Creating Your Own Engagement Ring - History & Transformation

Creating Your Own Engagement Ring - Some Say Difficult, We Say Easy

The History and What It Means

The notion of transforming your vision into your very own engagement ring has been around for generations. Professional designers have always been ready to convert a buyer’s vision into reality, but how does this work, and how does one communicate exactly what they want? Do you come into a jeweler’s office with a drawing? Something built of clay? A picture of a beautiful halo engagement ring you found online with a verbal explanation of what you like and what should be changed in the setting? To date, customized engagement rings have been created by all of these means, and then some.

The concept of creating your own engagement ring has been necessitated by the limitations imposed by the jewelry industry. Historically, jewelry and engagement ring stores presented their buyers with what they have, take it or leave it. For instance, if you like a specific solitaire side stone diamond setting, you get to choose - Si1 or VS2 diamonds, 14k white gold or platinum. But what if you are looking for that design in rose gold? What if you do not want the side stones? What if you find this design appealing, but would like to change it to a halo? What if you would like to replace the round cut center diamond with a princess cut? Emerald cut? Cushion cut? Did we mention, take it or leave it?

The Transformation

These and other challenges with satisfying buyers’ evolving aesthetic expectations have created a void, which is now being filled by a very small niche market - create your own engagement ring. The good news is that technology has enabled us to take this concept to unprecedented heights. Encore DT’s Create Your Own Engagement Ring in Real Time platform let’s you create the diamond setting, completed engagement ring or matching wedding set of your dreams with a few easy clicks. Select from 10k, 14k and 18k white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum. Start with a setting design and change it every which way, or start with one of the most popular diamond cuts - round, cushion, princes, emerald, pear or oval cut. Once there, create your ideal shank - classic, curved shank, split shank or curved AND split shank.

The End Result

While some of us are very talented artists and can create our own designs, transform them into real drawings, and present these ideas to jewelers who can bring them to life, most of us need some support. We need real-time tools to help transform our vision into reality, transcribe our thoughts into timeless engagement ring settings that are built to last generations. And above all, before we figure out what we want, we need tools to help us eliminate what we do not want. Back to that solitaire side stone engagement ring, how do we know that it would not look better in rose gold? How could we know that it would not look better with a curved or split shank, with a vintage style milgrain and filigree finish or with a pear cut center diamond? Build on, create your dream and make it one of the best online engagement rings!