Create Your Engagement Ring in Real Time - Changing the Game


Create Your Engagement Ring in Real Time - Changing the Game

Creating Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring - A Paradigm Shift

Creating engagement rings in real time has long been in the hearts and minds of buyers, sellers and the diamond industry as a whole. But in order to understand the driving force behind this evolution, it is important to analyze the current buying process of diamond engagement rings. Imagine that you are ready to propose and it is time to embark on your search for the perfect diamond setting. Where do you begin? What should be your first step in the process?

Having spent many years producing and shipping diamond engagement rings, we have had the pleasure of having these conversations with thousands of buyers all over the world. Some believe that with a comprehensive diamond settings gallery, featuring a healthy selection of a variety of designs, the search becomes easy for the buyer and it's simply a matter of making a few basic choices. Others state that the process is flawed, since a novel diamond engagement ring buyer does not have the background to start making choices on day one of the search. So what is it that the average engagement ring buyer needs to help them navigate to process?

The simple answer is, education. But what type of education? There are hundreds of resources on the Web, explaining the four C’s of diamonds. However, what resources out there help buyers understand the options, so that they can make some choices as to which engagement ring design is right for them? In the early stages of the buying process, most buyers do not know the precise differences between a split shank, infinity, floral setting and so forth. This means that, in the beginning of the purchase cycle, many diamond engagement ring buyers are lost and are looking for guidance. We know that there is a better way, so the revolutionary Create Your Engagement Ring platform has arrived, and the game has changed.

Let’s imagine that your journey in the pursuit of a diamond engagement has begun. You are ready to start looking at different designs, in order to make your selection. Where do you start? For the purposes of this example, we will assume that you do not currently have any preferences as to the center diamond shape, setting design, etc… We start with the most basic solitaire side stone diamond engagement ring, featuring all round cut diamonds, in white gold. At this point you may wonder, what would this diamond setting look like with a princess cut diamond? What about a pear cut diamond? What would this diamond engagement ring design look like in rose gold? With a split shank? How about a curved and split shank? Would you even know what a split shank engagement ring looks like, on day one of your search? Most buyers do not, but when they see this option, most are eager to explore.

With ease, you select the split shank version and immediately recognize the drastic aesthetic effect. The round cut side stones are now on two strands of the split shank, adding an incredible brilliance to the design. You are excited, your heart rate increases and you can’t wait to see what else is out there.

As the next step, you attempt a curved and split shank, and again you recognize the profound difference in the creative element of the diamond setting. You have just encountered a whole new world of possibilities, where you are in control, as opposed to the engagement ring collection of a particular store or website that you are visiting. Your curiosity is now at an all time high, and you are ready to explore a different center diamond shape, base metal, shank design and so much more.

Next, you wonder how this extraordinary diamond engagement ring will look with a princess cut center diamond. Two clicks, and you are looking at exactly that! The princess cut center adds a modern touch of character to this diamond setting.

You attempt a pear shaped diamond, and realize that your partner would absolutely love it. Ten minutes ago you began your engagement ring search and knew relatively little about the different diamond shapes, shank designs and more, but after experimenting with various design characteristics, the perfect diamond engagement ring for your significant other is in focus. One last question remains - would your partner prefer white gold or platinum, or might they be happier with a diamond setting in rose gold instead?

Two more clicks, and you are looking at this beautiful diamond engagement ring in rose gold. At this point, your search may be over, or it may have just begun. The last few clicks may have clinched the diamond engagement ring of your partner’s dreams, or it may have sparked your curiosity to try dozens of other design combinations, to hone in on what will be the best fit for them. For example, you may wonder what this diamond setting would look like as a halo, instead of a solitaire side stone. There is a click for that! Whichever direction you take next, there is no question about who is now in the driver’s seat within this process - it’s all about you and your partner!

With so many options and variations in the world of diamond engagement rings, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Therefore, the key to a smooth shopping experience is a seamless way to explore the different engagement ring designs. This means that 50-100 clicks and keystrokes could be enough for you to learn the basics of diamond settings, the different designs and the variations available in the industry, so that you can make an informed decision. While the Create Your Engagement Ring in Real Time platform is young, it has gained a significant amount of traction and positive results. Keep checking back for updates, and always remember to enjoy your diamond engagement ring shopping experience.

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