Cheap Engagement Rings - Definitions and Interpretations

Cheap Engagement Rings - Definitions and Interpretations

With so many engagement rings on the market and hundreds of different price points to choose from, what does a "cheap engagement ring" mean to you? By most accounts, cheap engagement rings are those that people can easily afford to buy. However, given the differences in people's incomes and budgetary constraints, "cheap" engagement rings becomes a relative phenomenon.

Perhaps we can tee it off with a few examples of engagement rings to help put the concept in perspective.

Antoinette Silver Engagement Ring 4CT CZ

We start with this sterling silver Antoinette 4ct CZ engagement ring, listed at $29.99. White gold rhodium bonded with channel set baguette CZ and a clear round cut CZ Center Stone in silvertone, most would agree that this is a cheap engagement ring. But this example begs the question - is this engagement ring too cheap? Does the lack of diamonds and/or precious metals, such as gold or platinum, create the perception of inferior quality?

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Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold

Next we review the above spiral halo diamond engagement ring in 10K rose gold. Featuring 100% natural diamonds with 0.35 carat todal diamond weight and a price tag of only $589, by most accounts this engagement ring would also be considered cheap. And now the ultimate question - can we call both this and the previous engagement ring cheap? Considering the fact that this diamond engagement ring costs almost twenty times the price of the CZ Antoinette engagement ring, the meaning of the word "cheap" is becoming more relative.

Vintage Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

Next we examine a true vintage classic - an emerald cut solitaire diamond engagement ring, featuring a 0.5ct center stone. With a listed price of $1,349, some may not be able to call this a cheap engagement ring. However, given the half carat emerald cut diamond, with SI1-SI2 clarity and a very good-excellent cut, others may call it the engagement ring deal of a lifetime.

Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

We shift gears to this exquisite split shank masterpiece - round cut halo diamond engagement ring, designed in 14k, 18K white gold or platinum. Truly one of a kind, this engagement ring features a half carat in total diamond weight and a unique design that turns heads, but is it still considered a cheap engagement ring?

Much like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, affordability is a function of the details surrounding a particular buyer. While certain engagement rings may be considered cheap by some, others may not agree. As the buyer, you are in a position to decide which engagement ring deals are worth considering and what affordability means to you. Click to see all cheap engagement rings.