Change the Gold Color, Change the Diamond Engagement Ring

Change the Gold Color, Change the Diamond Engagement Ring

The Battle of Gold Colors in Diamond Engagement Rings

With diamond engagement ring shopping at an all time high, we are dedicating this issue to the battle of gold colors in engagement ring settings. Have you ever wondered what your engagement ring, or the diamond engagement ring you are planning to buy, would look like in a different gold color? Does it make you wonder how much or little of a difference a different gold color would make? With 14k white gold engagement rings currently in the lead, in terms of popularity, we are often asked to demonstrate how a particular setting would look, if produced in a different base metal, most commonly rose gold. When you think about the exact same diamond engagement ring with exactly the same diamonds, it would seem logical that a different base metal would not render a drastic difference. In our experience, however, when you change the gold color, the same engagement ring design becomes vastly different.

Engagement Rings Have Personalities - Change the Gold Color, Change the Personality

When you think about the base metal in most diamond engagement rings, it mainly operates in the background, bringing out the virtue of the particular setting. However, much like a chemical reaction, when you look at the engagement ring, the color of the setting reacts with the rest of the design in your mind. Consequently, look at the exact same diamond setting in 14k white gold and in 14k rose gold, and even though you are logically aware of the similarities, most people have a distinct preference of one or the other. And if that’s not enough, add yellow gold to the mix and the opinion tends to become even more extreme. In other words, people will tend to prefer white gold or rose gold, but when it comes to yellow gold engagement rings, most buyers either love them or hate them - rarely do we observe a middle ground.

White Gold Engagement Rings are as Versatile as the Proposal Itself

In looking at our engagement ring bestseller, pictured here, this diamond setting demonstrates an infinity shank, lined with round cut side stones, which converge on the round brilliant center diamond, set in a four-prong setting. While this diamond engagement ring typically sells in 14k white gold, customers almost always check how this design looks in rose gold. And every now and then, a buyer will even check how it looks in yellow gold.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are Exquisite and Unique

Elvis Presley was once quoted saying, “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away”. In our context, the truth is that this diamond engagement ring setting, shown here in rose gold, is demonstratively beautiful while also considerably different from its close cousin in white gold, shown earlier. When comparing them next to each other up close, it is thoroughly evident that the design is exactly the same. But when you take a step back and observe the finished engagement rings, the difference becomes just as evident. The version in white gold is dainty, elegant and somewhat universal. The version in rose gold is more delicate, unique and arguably not as universal. There is no question about how much more frequently buyers choose the white gold setting, but it goes to show that unique engagement rings are often created with the simplest alterations, such as the gold color.

The Universal White Gold Diamond Wedding Set

Looking at matching diamond wedding sets often paints a clearer picture, and helps us make informed decisions. Our bestselling diamond wedding set, shown above in 14k white gold, the design consists of a classic and beautiful round halo, embellished by eight round cut diamond side stones on each side of the halo. The matching wedding band contains 20 prong-set, round cut diamonds. This is easily one of the most versatile diamond wedding sets we sell, and almost 90% of our customers choose 14k white gold.

The Exclusive and Less Universal Rose Gold Wedding Set

As we alluded to earlier, almost all buyers will consider this engagement ring set in rose gold, even if they are firm on their decision to ultimately purchase in white gold. Similar to the previous engagement ring example, the rose gold version of this wedding set is delicate, beautiful and exquisite. The fact is, however, that because rose gold is not as universal as white gold, its popularity comes in second.

The Peculiar Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Set

Nothing separates the buyers of diamond engagement rings and matching wedding sets like the presence of yellow gold. Some love it, others hate it, and very few are indifferent. While we can certainly speculate that yellow gold is a retro color, and that buyers simply don’t feel that yellow gold is a fit for modern diamond engagement rings, that would be nothing more than speculation. The fact is that people’s tastes are, at least in part, a subject of their upbringing. And the younger generations are witnessing less and less yellow gold, as their older siblings and parents are wearing engagement rings produced in white and rose gold, as well as the occasional pink gold and other less prevalent base metals.

And the Engagement Ring Winner in the Battle of Gold Colors is…

Without a doubt, white gold has dominated and is expected to continue to lead the industry in popularity. This fact applies to all fine jewelry, and not just diamond engagement rings. However, much like there was a time when white and rose gold did not exist, additional innovations in base metal colors will most certainly challenge the popularity of white gold, as well as the perceived unique and exquisite character of rose gold. In the meantime, however, white gold engagement rings rule the industry. Always remember to consider alternative base metals, even if just to eliminate them as options, to keep the battle of gold colors going!