A Designer Floral Engagement Ring, Necklace & Earrings Set

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A Designer Floral Engagement Ring, Necklace & Earrings Set

The concept of giving flowers is among the most heartwarming ideas that humanity has endeavored. Considered by many to be the most universal act of kindness, gorgeous bouquets are gifted to significant others, friends, family members and sometimes even strangers. Seldom do people see the flower giving phenomenon as anything other than a sign of warmth, love and affection. There is, however, a paradox in that the gifted flower bouquets rarely last longer than 1-2 weeks, after which they dry out, wilt and must be disposed of. There are the exceptions of potted flowers and other gardening tricks that could be employed to extend the expiration date. Nonetheless, no matter how hard we try to prolong the experience, every flower has an expiration date, or does it?

Removing expiration dates from flowers requires a paradigm shift. And is there an industry that can revolutionize concepts and create paradigm shifts better than the jewelry industry? Floral jewelry was invented with the sole intention of extending flower expiration dates to infinity. Today, flowers can be passed down from one generation to the next by way of beautiful diamond jewelry that traverses timelines, spanning tens if not hundreds of years. And there is no better way to begin this process in your ancestry than by proposing to your loved one with a floral diamond engagement ring.

floral diamond engagement ring

Floral Diamond Engagement Rings

The universal truth is that flower engagement rings are as unique as each of us, bringing an invaluable sense of romance to the table, enabling everyone in your life to witness the story that connected you and your loved one. The floral engagement ring featured above is one-of-a-kind, demonstrating an incredible infinity setting, round cut side stones, round accent diamonds and a breathtaking round floral halo. Just shy of 100 total diamonds, this design features over 1.5 carats in total diamond weight, and that alone is reason to celebrate! Just think about the romantic foundation that this floral masterpiece will create during your engagement proposal and beyond.

floral diamond necklace

Floral Diamond Necklace

Shopping for matching diamond jewelry can be both challenging and rewarding. The more universal the diamond engagement ring itself, the more straightforward the matching jewelry. However, floral jewelry is a more unique, exquisite form of art. And the bottom line is that finding matching floral jewelry requires a professional. In essence, the plain concept of matching a simple halo engagement ring with a like-kind halo necklace and pair of earrings does not apply here. With floral engagement ring designs, keen attention to detail makes the difference between an average and an extraordinary fine jewelry set.

Speaking of attention to detail, the diamond necklace shown above depicts a floral leaf like a true masterpiece. From perfectly orchestrated curves to properly proportioned stems, styles and stigmas, this floral necklace offers the perfect continuation of your family’s floral jewelry collection. A flawless match to the floral halo engagement ring shown earlier, this diamond necklace extraordinaire represents a picture-perfect collision of the art and science behind the complex nature of floral diamond jewelry.

floral diamond earrings

Floral Diamond Earrings

In building a foundation for your family’s legacy, your floral jewelry collection can be completed with artistic excellence and laser precision. This means that if we can depict the level of detail demonstrated in the floral necklace above, we can accomplish the same in a pair of floral diamond earrings. Boasting 3/4 carats in total diamond weight, these insatiable earrings manifest the same floral anatomy depicted in the flower necklace above, with an identical level of and attention to detail.

floral diamond earrings

Floral Diamond Bracelet

If you are like us, you probably live for the bonus round. And in the context of floral diamond jewelry, nothing is complete without a bracelet. A perfect match for the necklace, earrings and engagement ring presented above, wearing this floral diamond bracelet is like holding a flower in your hand. In fact, wearing this bracelet defies gravity, as the flower it features will never wilt or dry out, it needs no water and it can easily be passed down to your future generations. A floral bracelet of this caliber makes a bold fashion statement, and immediately instills a sense of class in the minds of everyone who witnesses it on your hand.

Designer Floral Jewelry Tells a Story

Every one of us brings something unique to the table. From our tastes in art to our approaches to accomplishing various tasks, each of us has a method to our madness. This means that we all have a story to tell, and there is hardly a more beautiful way to tell that story than through an extraordinary set of floral diamond jewelry. A family legacy starts with one individual. One day, a person can decide to build a dream, and that dream usually starts with a vision. Create yours today, and make it unforgettable!


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