9 Luxury Diamond Cross Necklaces That Change Sunday Mornings

9 Luxury Diamond Cross Necklaces That Change Sunday Mornings

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Going to church is as much of a cultural phenomenon as it is spiritual. From networking with colleagues to sharing stories with friends and neighbors, for many of us the Sunday morning service is an integral part of life. And while each of us expresses our spirituality in a different manner, a fashionable diamond cross necklace is always in style. Whether as a conversation starter, an expression of self or both, cross necklaces have been in existence for many generations. However, it wasn't until the last few decades that we have started to develop lavish designs that go above and beyond the traditional cross.

In looking at the entire Fine Jewelry industry, every mainstream design has evolved, with some undergoing drastic transformations. In some instances, straight lines became slanted and others were converted into curves altogether. And there are those pieces of fine jewelry that have seen additional symmetry created by virtue of doubling a particular design. As an example, many modern halo rings, earrings and necklaces have been transformed into double halo designs, with two diamond wraps around center stone. Similarly, the split shank has doubled the brilliance of many diamond rings by doubling the side stone count, resulting in side stones being set on both strands of the shank.

Modern diamond cross necklaces have experienced a very similar set of transformations. In some cases, a simple addition of diamonds contributes more sparkle. In other scenarios, we have doubled the cross in order to add a bold personality to the necklace and pendant. And of course, there are situations in which we have accomplished both - doubled the cross and the diamond count, to emphasize the cross even more. And if that's not enough, modern diamond cross necklaces are available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and even two-tone gold, in order to add that extra touch of contemporary character. So here they are, nine diamond cross necklaces that are changing the game.

large curved double cross necklace white gold

Massive 2 inch double cross curved necklace in 18k white gold.

modern double cross necklace white rose gold

Contemporary angled double cross diamond necklace in two tone white and rose gold.

black white roman cross diamond necklace

Avant-garde black and white roman cross diamond necklace.

unique overlapping double cross diamond necklace

Unique overlapping double cross diamond necklace in 18k white gold

extraordinary infinity diamond cross necklace

Extraordinary double infinity diamond cross necklace in 18k white gold.

sophisticated double cross diamond necklace white yellow gold

Sophisticated and preppy double cross diamond necklace in two tone white and yellow gold.

sharp double cross diamond pendant necklace

Sharp double cross diamond necklace in 18k white gold.

contemporary diamond cross necklace

Contemporary double cross diamond necklace with a asymmetrical triangular design.

artistic diamond cross necklace with chain

Artistic and asymmetrical double cross diamond necklace.

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