360 Degree Technology

360° Display Technology
A picture is worth 1,000 words, but understanding the anatomy of a three-dimensional diamond engagement ring with the help of a two-dimensional image is a challenging task. Regardless of how many angles you can view, crucial details are lost in translation. To illustrate further, the following diamond engagement ring features a split shank, round cut diamond side stones and a beautiful round halo. Here is the level of detail we were able to extract in two dimensions:
Here is a 360-degree video of the same ring.
This particular design offers a level of complexity that is best seen in 3D. Next we examine a seemingly mainstream design, which one would expect to easily grasp with a two dimensional illustration.
As we often find, however, the video may surprise you.
Our 360 degree viewing technology was created with the intention of offering transparency in all aspects of design and production. Given the fact that these video illustrations are derived from the same files we utilize in production, what you see in our videos is exactly the engagement ring you will receive.