12 Beautiful & Unique Diamond Jewelry Gifts You Haven't Seen

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12 Beautiful & Unique Diamond Jewelry Gifts You Haven't Seen

How many unique diamond jewelry gifts have you come by in the last 30 days that you would call beautiful? Depending on where you have looked, your answer may vary. Nonetheless, birthdays and anniversaries are in sight, and time is of the essence! Rather than spend dozens of hours, browsing infinite collections of jewelry gift ideas, we have incorporated them all in one single list below. The fine jewelry shown below is not just compilation of gifts - it's work of art from our jewelers based in Italy and here in the U.S., created for the sole purpose of overwhelming you with brilliance. So fasten your seatbelts, get the popcorn out, sit back and enjoy the show.

High end lightning necklace in white gold

Unparalleled and one-of-a-kind, this lightning necklace is prepared to make a massive artistic contribution to your collection. This design will elevate your aesthetic senses to an all time high!

Exquisite dancing diamond earrings

Can earrings dance? This exquisite pair sure looks like it! Featuring a diamond trio at the base and a modern overlapping diamond bar at the lock, these earrings are celebrity status!

exclusive pave diamond cocktail ring

When people think of a pave cocktail ring, they are probably not envisioning this state-of-the-art adventure, with five cross bands and just under 3/4 carats in total diamond weight. Weighing in at 8.4 grams, this 18k gold miracle is the mother of all cocktail rings!

Contemporary white gold infinity necklace

Show up to your next event wearing this contemporary Italian necklace, and all eyes are on you! Produced in 18k gold with a single round brilliant diamond, this is a gift you can't afford to miss.

Fancy designer hoop necklace

Love the elegance of hoop earrings? This necklace offers an insatiable three hoops in 18k gold, with 1/4 carat in total diamond weight.

unique diamond bar earrings

Two tone gold is the wave of the future for some. For us, two tone gold is the current reality. Featuring a two tone gold base with Italian round brilliant diamonds along the center, these studs simply don't have a match!

unprecedented floral diamond ring

When most people hear, "floral diamond ring", they think simple. But this split shank floral diamond cocktail ring is a product of 21 hours of manual labor. The only simple aspect of this Italian sensation is that it's a MUST HAVE!

Daring diamond lily flower ring

One buyer purchased this designer diamond ring because he thought it featured a scorpion. Another buyer ordered it because she recognized the Italian lily flower. We love to remind our customers that there is no wrong answer in artistic endeavors. When it looks good, it is just meant to be!

Luxury floral necklace with chain

Who could say no to this knockout of a diamond necklace, produced by hand in two tone white and rose gold, offering every detail of the flower the jewelry industry could fathom.

sensational lily flower bracelet

Speaking of the Italian lily flower, you can now wear one on your hand! If you prefer the scorpion, we can accommodate that as well. Be warned, however, that at 56 grams in total weight, this bracelet requires an investment.

princess cut diamond stud earrings

Love princess cut diamonds? With their unique square shape, edgy character and romantic persona, it is hard not to! These studs may very well be the most universal jewelry gift our industry has come up with to date.

pear shaped halo necklace

Pear cut diamonds are one of the most exquisite shapes. Known for their size, they sure contribute a level of magnificence no other diamond shape is capable of. This pear shaped halo drop necklace offers a sophisticated contribution to the simplest of looks and wardrobes, even on a rainy day!

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